Friday, February 01, 2008

World Premiere: Lost Odyssey US TV Advertisement

The song in the background is "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane.

Check out the articles below this one for our ongoing play-through of Lost Odyssey. Note that we're not rushing through this game so don't expect an overall 'review' right away, we're giving out our impressions as we're going through it, and taking screenshots and snippets of the amazing soundtrack as well.

Judging from all early indications, this game is a keeper, a game that's meant to be enjoyed from moment to moment and not finished in a day. There's loads of adventure to be had ... we're still on Disc 2 and there's no end in sight (the game is 4 discs long!). When you get this game, savor it and bask in its warm like this don't come along often. It far surpasses Blue Dragon in terms of maturity, story depth and gameplay. This will definitely be a classic JRPG; dare I say this is a return to form for Sakaguchi and a landmark title for Mistwalker and Microsoft Game Studios.

Lastly, when Yahoosoda beat one of the difficult bosses in one area of the first disc, I asked her, why do you think did this game not sell that well in Japan? She gave me an answer which I pretty much agree with.

"This Japanese RPG is too hard for the Japanese."

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