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On the VGAs this 2011

Skyrim deserved to win. I own a PS3 but I don't have the PS3 version of the game. I read the PS3 version is very buggy (almost unplayable) but despite that, I still think it deserves to win. The game itself is quite an achievement; literally an RPG that almost nearly never ends...

Now, on the comments that the show is immature....well, have you ever tried reading a gaming forum, or gamer comments online, or listened to gamers when playing against them on Live or PSN or elsewhere? Well, gamers are really immature; most of them. Maybe I'd include myself in that lot but it's probably really the nature of the hobby. So until that changes, well, there's always going to be in-jokes about teabagging, and it will never end. If you want a more mature hobby...take up painting or playing an instrument. Gaming is, for most people, really for the lulz, and it isn't going to change anytime soon. The subject matter itself of gaming is entertainment, and it can be pretty depraved o…

Let's add another SKYRIM commentary on the internet!

...because it deserves it!

I've been playing this game since 11.12.2011 and it does not seem to end. Well, technically I could finish it already if I wanted to; I could always play the main quest only and just go through the story. But there's just so much to see and do in the game, that you would just be ruining it for yourself if you go "save the world" already.

Another thing I don't understand about most Skyrim commentaries is how some people would enchant and smith super items and breeze through the thing. You're ruining it for yourselves!

Smart to bring the cheapest Android phone to the market, Ideos.

Smart Communications recently announced that they will be bringing the Huawei Ideos (U8150) phone here in the Philippines. According to the news reports, "Smart is expected to offer Ideos within a price range of P5,000 and P6,000 for prepaid units. It will also bundle a monthly plan of as low as P500 for postpaid subscribers." (From Inquirer.Net)

Now that's certainly a much better postpaid deal compared to what I'm getting for my Globe telecom postpaid! Hmmm...perhaps its about time I seriously consider switching networks? Hopefully, Smart does keep the price range on that level but chances are the phone price itself is subsidized by Smart.

By the time this phone will be out there will be people screaming this...

"It's slow! It's laggy! I'm just going to buy a Galaxy S."

And it is slow. Just look at the Angry Birds video playback there. If you're a tech freak then this phone is not for you. If you have money to burn, by all means get a …

Using Globe Prolink Modem Hurricane 5200 with Linksys WRT120N

So our old Globe Aztech Modem broke and had to be replaced with a new one. The Globe technicians changed it with a Prolink Modem Hurricane 5200 which does not offer and wi-fi support and only has a single lan port. This meant that we needed to attach a router to it so we can share the internet in the house.

We have a Linksys WRT120N router and the default answer of just plugging in the Globe Modem to the Internet port via lan cable would not work.

So after some googling, I came across this blog that had the instructions on how to do it. The instructions are for Linksys LWRT54G2 but I can confirm that it also works for Linksys WRT120N.

For posterity and in case there are others like us who have a problem with configuring their modem with Globe, just check out that link.

Review: LG Optimus One


When I saw the box, I was thinking..."This is probably a mistake."

I should probably just spend a little extra and get an HTC Desire.

This phone was nearly 13,000 pesos at the store when I was about to buy it. Regretfully, I should have bought it from a different store I was in a few weeks ago where it was available for about 11,990 pesos.

But it was difficult to make a decision on this. All the [online] research was basically saying, "Go big when buying an Android phone. Spending any less would be a mistake."

Or, "Go buy an Iphone because it has all the nice games." (As a gamer, this part of the decision mattered a lot).

Or, "Go buy an Ipad, it looks really cool." [Admittedly, it still does.]

So why was I going to buy this? The box didn't really enchant me in any way. But I wasn't buying it for the box.

I've done even more research on Android, and all the signs point to it being a major breakthrough that points to our digital future…