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Eternal Glory....

You can't stay forever at the top of the mountain on the leaderboards in Ridge Racer 6. So when I retook the #2 spot on the leaderboards for CL4 Rave City Riverfront R (Technically the #1 spot because the car at number 1 is a HIJACK, an overpowered vehicle), I made sure to immortalize my moment of glory:

Pre E3 2006 - The Mudslinging has Begun

April 25, 3:41 PM...A message board post on neogaf forums leaks supposedly insider information:
I just got a release list from Bethesda....first one in a while. I gave it a quick glance then did a double take and spit take with my morning coffee.....take a look: PS2 AMF Extreme Bowling 2006 (Mud Duck) 9-May-06
XBX AMF Extreme Bowling 2006 (Mud Duck) 9-May-06
PS2 IHRA Sportsman Edition 9-May-06
XBX IHRA Sportsman Edition 9-May-06
PS2 Pirates Of The Caribbean:Legend of Jack Sparrow 1-Jun-06
PS2 Star Trek - Battlestations 6-Oct-06
360 Star Trek - Legacy 6-Oct-06
DS Star Trek - Tactical Assault 6-Oct-06
PSP Star Trek - Tactical Assault 6-Oct-06
PS3 Oblivion 6-Nov-06
PSP Oblivion 6-Nov-06A few hours later, this simple message board post becomes news all over the internet:

IGN - Oblivion on PSP and PS3?
1up - Oblivion Heading To PS3, PSP? Bethesda's epic RPG is getting cozy with Sony.
Gamespot Rumor Control - Oblivion coming to PS3...and PSP?Apparently I didn…

Love them or hate them

Ever since I first stepped into the XBOX community one of the things that they felt really sore about was the utter lack of Japanese support for the console.

All logic will say was that most Japanese developers were not keen on making games for the XBOX 360 since it was a new and unproven console.But plainly speaking it wasn’t embraced by the Japanese developers since the Japanese market didn’t bother much with it.Other the usual complaints about its size, the XBOX was a complete and utter failure in Japan with the exception of Itagaki. Itagaki made such a big splash in the Japanese and Western markets by creating games that actually took advantage of the strength of the XBOX.Namely ‘Ninja Gaiden’ and the ‘Dead or Alive’ series.It’s also no surprise, that Itagaki’s unconventional thinking with regard to the Japanese market made him quite a celebrity both within and outside Japan.
Tomonobu Itagaki, the real life Ninja Gaiden
Itagaki has stated that the Japanese gamer market is shrinking an…

Further Evidence of the IGN Conspiracy vs the Xbox 360, PART I

Recently, I've given my theory that IGN is actively swaying public opinion against the Xbox 360 because of their ties with Sony and their Playstation 3. New information has come to light which further supports my theory and solidifies my assertion that IGN is no longer a credible source for fair and balanced video gaming coverage. Thanks to ajreynol from the forums for bringing this information to light.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the perfect example of professionalism in gaming journalism:

Source Thread from TEAMXBOX.COM

IGN » Insider » Roundtable Roundtable #159: Broken 360s All I'm saying is my Dreamcast still works. by IGN Staff

April 20, 2006 - David Clayman, IGN Insider: When the 360 was first released there were scattered reports of lemons and permanent crashes. A few weeks later there was a running joke in the office that inserting a DOA disc would result in a nuclear explosion. The list of editors who'd experienced the blinking ring of death con…

Further Evidence of the IGN Conspiracy vs the Xbox 360, PART II


Hilary Goldstein, IGN Comics:
The loading errors are an easy fix, Peer. Eject the disc, blow on it a few times, reinsert and hit power. Should work 22% of the time.

John Miller, IGN Xbox, Xbox 360: Not only am I wary of MS's claim that the 360 problems are well within the "three to five" percent defect range, typical of consumer electronics -- I think it's a downright lie. As we move forward, console reliability should actually increase -- or at least stay the same -- not regress. We've had some kind of problem with every 360 in the office, be it a simple disc-read error or occasional freeze or even the downright system failure. I love the system when it works, but as a consumer, MS has made me want to wait for Nintendo and Sony to release their new consoles to make an educated purchase. Heck, MLB 2K6 doesn't even work on the system -- how the hell did that slip past the rigorous product testing MS supposedly puts games through. If it wasn't fo…

Gamers are never happy.

Today the Japan Conference for the Xbox 360 just ended, and, I don't know....after coming off a lot of discussions with gamers on different forums, I guess I'm getting sick and tired of them.

Nothing ever, ever makes these gamers happy.

It's extremely depressing to listen to them complain about everything from the lack of tiny particles on a screenshot to the lack of proper lighting effects on certain games, or whatever other graphical effect.

Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of it. Whatever happened to looking forward to having a game for your platform? All it is now is, "The game has to have these graphical features/effects/whatever, or else it sucks."

It's getting to me, to be honest. I was playing a game of Call of Duty 2, and my spirits were pretty sapped, because I had to stop and think, "Is this good enough?"

What is good enough, anyway?

Sometimes I ponder on retiring from video games, altogether. Because nothing is ever good enough....

I know I …