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On the VGAs this 2011

Skyrim deserved to win. I own a PS3 but I don't have the PS3 version of the game. I read the PS3 version is very buggy (almost unplayable) but despite that, I still think it deserves to win. The game itself is quite an achievement; literally an RPG that almost nearly never ends...

Now, on the comments that the show is immature....well, have you ever tried reading a gaming forum, or gamer comments online, or listened to gamers when playing against them on Live or PSN or elsewhere? Well, gamers are really immature; most of them. Maybe I'd include myself in that lot but it's probably really the nature of the hobby. So until that changes, well, there's always going to be in-jokes about teabagging, and it will never end. If you want a more mature hobby...take up painting or playing an instrument. Gaming is, for most people, really for the lulz, and it isn't going to change anytime soon. The subject matter itself of gaming is entertainment, and it can be pretty depraved o…

Let's add another SKYRIM commentary on the internet!

...because it deserves it!

I've been playing this game since 11.12.2011 and it does not seem to end. Well, technically I could finish it already if I wanted to; I could always play the main quest only and just go through the story. But there's just so much to see and do in the game, that you would just be ruining it for yourself if you go "save the world" already.

Another thing I don't understand about most Skyrim commentaries is how some people would enchant and smith super items and breeze through the thing. You're ruining it for yourselves!