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Forza Motorsport 3 - Feast Your Eyes on the Collectors Edition

Need cash. To buy this.

Blazblue: More Notes on Jin Kisaragi

I already posted this on Pinoyxbox, but might as well save it here for future reference...

* * * * *

(Given the following directional input markers)

And A - weak attack, B - medium attack, C - strong attack, D - drive attack

* * * * *

Currently enjoying finding new tricks in the game (with Jin, at least) through Training mode....yesterday I learned that:

- Jin's 623 (dragon punch) + C has a significant amount of invincible frames; it might not have good range horizontally, but it's good for countering attacks that you know are coming towards you.

- You can do a longer air combo by using the super jump cancel....originally I only used the regular jump cancel but then later on I tried using down+up instead of just up, and it causes Jin to jump higher after cancelling a normal move, so the air combo I'm getting is the same as the one in the tutorial video on the special edition: B, C, super jump cancel, B, C, D. The tutorial video on the special edition omitted this particu…

Funny Penny Arcade Comic Strips for Blazblue

These were pretty funny:

Good News PS3 Owners: Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 Available In Many Stores In Greenhills!

...for only 4,000 - 5,000 pesos! I saw the stick in several shops there. Playstation 3 owners are very lucky to have accessories like those readily available in local stores, so go grab them, and let store owners know that selling arcade sticks is a GOOD idea!

In other news....The Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (the Xbox 360 version of the stick) was nowhere to be found in Greenhills. It's a trend I've been noticing in Greenhills lately. Less and less stores are supporting the Xbox 360...less games, less accessories....sadly, it seems local gaming stores here in the Philippines are more focused on selling Playstation related items. For many Filipinos, it seems...when it comes to games, it's a Playstation world...

Street Fighter IV in Timezone, SM Megamall

I spotted these in Timezone, SM Megamall yesterday. They had 2 SF4 machines for 1vs1 play (one player on each machine). Both machines were set up with the correct HD screen resolution, so the characters don't look stretched (unlike the original setup before in Glorietta).

I hope more players play on these Street Fighter machines, so that Timezone will know that a strong fanbase exists for Street Fighter, and so that they'll buy more units.

Blazblue: More Jin Kisaragi Strategies That I've Discovered....

Note that the following are indicators for directions:


* A good way to interrupt some strings or pokes from your opponents is to press 'A' repeatedly, though you have to combo it into something so when your opponent is far enough, he won't be able to counterattack so easily (or counter-poke you). A good attack string I've found is: 2A, 2A, 5C cancel to 2C, then ice car 214C. Add more 2A's depending on the distance between you and your opponent.

* Another good air combo which I don't use much but seems to do good damage is [In Mid-Air] B, C, then double jump, then throw, then upon landing continue to a different combo.

* If you freeze your opponent in the corner, go for 6C to launch them, then cancel into 623A (a Dragon Punch-like move) for a follow up. You then have a lot of options to pressure. If you have some meter, you can jump and do 236D to trap them or bait for another freeze, or you can jump above them and press 'D' to freeze again. Basica…

Regarding Proper Hand Position on an Arcade Stick - A World Of Difference in Game Control

A long, long time ago, I used to play Street Fighter II in the local arcades...I think it was about 1992 or so. One of the things which other players would tell you is the way you hold the arcade stick matters when you're playing. Originally, I put the arcade stick between my middle finger and my ring finger, much like holding a wine glass. I've done that ever since I was 13 or so....

Fast forward to today, and I still use the same hand positioning when playing a fighting game. I read something online which said that one other hand position on the arcade stick is to put the arcade stick between your pinkie and your ring finger. I thought originally that this was a bad idea....but tonight, I tried it in a few matches of Blazblue.

Wow, what a world of difference that made. I found I could execute some moves even more consistently, and more quickly. Dashing-type moves (which require forward-forward or back-back motions) became slightly quicker and more consistent for me, and I foun…

EVO 2009 Street Fighter 4 GRAND FINALS Videos!

Amazing series of matches from the Grand Finals of the EVO 2009 Street Fighter IV (World) Championship:

Daigo Umehara from Japan plays Ryu, while Justin Wong from the USA plays both Abel and Balrog....the Grand Finals extends to over two sets!

Part 3 has a sound problem where the audio turns into static, so turn down the volume when you play this video:

Daigo beats Justin Wong Again at EVO 2009

I wasn't able to catch the final match, but I've heard that Daigo bested Justin Wong again at EVO 2009. Daigo stuck with Ryu while Justin picked Balrog (Boxer). I'm still looking for a video of it on's actually on ustream but the download speed from there is really slow.

For now, I'll just have to settle with this match, the earlier 'winner's circle' round between Daigo and Justin, where Daigo picks Ryu and Justin picks Abel:

I'll update this post once I find a video of the actual final match. They say it was really epic!

On Fighting Games This Year....

Just sitting down pondering on all these great fighting games that came out this year. Blazblue, Street Fighter IV, then later King of Fighters XII and Tekken 6....this year is pretty unprecedented in terms of attention that the genre is getting.

I remember in the late nineties, when Street Fighter II was at its prime, there was also a lot of fighting games being released by various companies. You could say that the fighting game back then was the "first person shooter" of that generation. Companies were churning them out left and right, and a lot of them were simply derivative of Street Fighter II. At some point, I think gamers just got tired of all of them.

Today, I'm not too sure if fighting games will overtake the current popularity of first-person shooters with younger gamers, but the ones that are being released today are really first-rate, high quality titles that all have their own unique personality. Currently, Blazblue gets the nod for seeming to be the most orig…

UPDATE on the Supposedly Leaked PS3 Slim

More rumors about the PS3 Slim that was in the Youtube video:

- The store supposedly had 2 PS3 Slim units.

- The PS3 Slim units were NOT packed in boxes (they were sold 'as is', as shown in the video)

- The PS3 Slim came with Playstation 3 accessories (cables) and 1 Dualshock 3 controller.

- The store claimed they tested it with Unreal Tournament 3

- It has a 120 GB hard drive.

- Both units have already been sold....rumors placed the price between PHP 12,000 ($250) to PHP 20,000+ (US$417)

- We have some idea where this store is; yes, it is in Greenhills, San Juan.

Playstation 3 Slim Spotted in the Philippines?

According to this post from Kotaku (and this video from Youtube), the PS3 slim was spotted in the Philippines.[update]

The video:

What do I think?

I don't know if it's fake. I do find it sad that Kotaku takes every opportunity to portray our country as piracy heaven. I'd like to say that there are gamers here in the Philippines who do buy original products and original console games. The piracy issue is a real problem here, but there are gamers (like myself) who think that, if the hardware makers sold their products officially here, then maybe piracy could be discouraged. This is because having official presence here in the country would give gamers incentives to support buying original games and hardware. For example, if Xbox Live had a region for the Philippines, then people would have an incentive to actually support the original product(s) instead of buy the pirated versions of games. This is because they&…

Virtua Fighter 5R's Insanely Awesome Replay Mode

It's a real shame that Virtua Fighter 5R isn't coming to home consoles. I was watching this video on Versuscity and was amazed by this feature for watching match replays....a feature for displaying frame data! Nothing like actually seeing this in a replay....this feature looks to be quite useful for someone who wants to analyze the game at a very deep level!

Now hardcore.

Blazblue Strategy : Jin Kisaragi

I wouldn't say that this is a strategy that is 'fool-proof', it's just something that you can start with if you want to think about how exactly to play as Jin. Just something I posted on Pinoyxbox a week ago....


Playing as Jin I'm trying not to abuse the ice car tactic too much since it loses its surprise factor at some point and it has really bad recovery when blocked. Watching the instructional DVD gave me a basic idea for a combo which I've been practicing in training. It seems useful for a Jin player just starting out....and since it's in the air, it looks very cool hehehe

(Note: does not work in the corner because somehow your opponent can air recover faster from that spot)

[On the ground...]

1. Start with Standing 'D' (or any other freeze)...basically freeze your opponent somehow.

2. A standing D can be dash-cancelled; so if you see the frame whe…

Timezone Launches Guitar Hero Arcade

A few months ago, Guitar Hero Arcade made its debut in the Philippines at Timezone Glorietta 4. The game was a huge hit with local arcade players, which has prompted Timezone to make the game available to their other branches in the Philippines. Thirdworldgamer was invited to their event to try out their latest Guitar Hero Arcade units, and to talk about the current arcade gaming scene.

Here are a few pictures from Timezone's "Guitar Hero Night", held on July 10, 2009:

BlazBlue - Bang Shishigami!

If you execute Bang Shishigami's Distortion get this epic transformation sequence which happens alongside this anime-styled theme music. Just awesome :D

Here's another vid of the song; if you click the video, you'll get a youtube page with the lyrics on it:

Watch the Dead Space Ending + Final Boss on Youtube

Gamers considering getting this game for an extreme experience of gaming terror, don't spoil yourself by watching this video. Buy the game today; it's going to be totally worth it.

For the rest of us wimps who couldn't finish the game, here's a video of the last boss and the game's ending.

Giving Up On Dead Space

I've had enough of Dead Space (Xbox 360). It's just too disturbing for me. With all the shocks and gratuitous gore in the game, I've had to lower the volume on my home theater to a sound setting of '8' just so I can keep on playing the game. Despite that, the ultra-violence is just too much for me to take.

Granted, everything about the game is EXCELLENT. The GUI? Amazing. They implemented this system where movie dialogue playing back between your character and others is shown as a floating screen in front of your character. Everything else uses this fantastic system as well. Browsing your inventory, looking at your map, objectives, etc....they use this same system where graphical interfaces float in front of you, and it makes the game extremely seamless and immersive, because you never leave the 'game' environment to do other things like check your inventory, health, etc.

The in-game puzzles? Very creative. I liked a lot of the little challenges they put in …

More Incredible Screenshots for Forza Motorsport 3

Click to see full size versions.