Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blazblue Strategy : Jin Kisaragi

I wouldn't say that this is a strategy that is 'fool-proof', it's just something that you can start with if you want to think about how exactly to play as Jin. Just something I posted on Pinoyxbox a week ago....



Playing as Jin I'm trying not to abuse the ice car tactic too much since it loses its surprise factor at some point and it has really bad recovery when blocked. Watching the instructional DVD gave me a basic idea for a combo which I've been practicing in training. It seems useful for a Jin player just starting out....and since it's in the air, it looks very cool hehehe

(Note: does not work in the corner because somehow your opponent can air recover faster from that spot)

[On the ground...]

1. Start with Standing 'D' (or any other freeze)...basically freeze your opponent somehow.

2. A standing D can be dash-cancelled; so if you see the frame where Jin is just standing there with the ice wolf head sticking out, start pushing forward twice. If you froze with something else, basically just run up to your opponent as quickly as you can. Hold down FORWARD while you're running.

3. When you're close enough, without letting go of FORWARD, press 'C'. You'll get a forward slash which is kind of like an uppercut. Your opponent will be tossed forward.

4. You can cancel the forward slash in number 3 with a dash again. So while your opponent is being tossed forward, execute a dash again. But this time, just press Forward Forward to dash, but DO NOT HOLD Forward while running (it is not like step 2).

5. There is a small window of time when you can press 'C' to execute a standing straight slash to hit your opponent right before he can air recover or land on the ground. The timing for this is really small. I noticed you can do it when your opponent is on a very specific part of the screen. If you hit the standing straight slash, your opponent will bounce up.

6. At that instant when your standing straight slash hits your opponent, do a jump cancel. This is where you jump instantly after doing a normal standing straight slash. After jumping, press 'B' and then press 'C' consecutively for two hits.

[You're now in mid-air....]

7. Press UP again on the d-pad/stick to go even higher.

8. Press 'C' again, and on the way down, press 'D' in mid air to freeze your opponent again.

9. Finally, finish off with the strongest ice car (C version). Or, you could do the 'D' ice car, too, and freeze them all over again. The reason why I didn't recommend the 'D' ice car at the end is because you might not have enough meter to do the 'D' ice car, or you might want to save the meter for something else. Basically it's up to you by that point.

The combo in shorter notation, given the stick directions are indicated by:


and cancels are indicated by xx:

[On the ground] 5D xx 66 (hold 6) xx 6C xx 66 (don't hold 6) xx 5C xx 9B [you're now in mid-air], 5C xx 9, 5C, 5D xx 214C [2 hit ice car] or 214D [ice car freeze]

You could start this combo even if you don't start with standing D since Jin has a lot of options for freezing. You could freeze with 2D or 9D or run up to someone and use 6D, or use 'blade of ice' (even the triple hit 'Dodge this!' variety).

The key is remembering all the steps of the combo, and executing it flawlessly for maximum damage. This is where the training area of the game really helps. Try it on the training dummy with all the settings on default at first. Then, to improve your practice, set all the settings on the page with recovery options to 'random' to tighten up your timing. When you've really got it down, set the recovery options for the AI to Neutral or Quick so that the A.I. can try to stop you from finishing your combo. Remember that when the HEAT combo meter is transparent, your combo probably won't work in a real combat situation. (the AI could have recovered out of your combo)

I myself haven't mastered this combo, it's quite tough; but I find it fun to do, and easier than SF4 Ryu's FADC Ultra combo :D There are probably even more ways to change up the combo. If you're good at catching counter hits you can probably do this even without needing to freeze somebody. You can counter hit with 5C, then cancel to 6C, then dash forward, do 5C again and begin the air combo. I'm not quick enough to react to counter hits, though....so personally I'd rely on freezing since it seems to be the safer option.

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