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The Data Blitz Raid (scytherage's take)

My wife has given her thoughts and has provided a lot of the 'facts' about this story. I only caught wind of it today and I thought originally this was just some minor thing with NBA2K13 being the only game at issue. Upon reading more and finding out over 2 million worth of games were seized, wow, I realized this was pretty serious stuff. I also saw other posts on Pinoyxbox and other blogs about how bad it was, with the store being closed and essentially putting a halt to their business operations for a day or two....Looks like Datablitz was subjected to public humiliation in this incident. Note that not all people are gamers so to people not familiar with the games business it just makes them lose a bit of face to have police coming in, and word going around about selling pirated games for a store with a large ORIGINAL signboard at their stores.

I've read most of the stories and know some of the facts. In the end I'd rather side with Data Blitz on this.

They're n…

Datablitz gets raided for selling 'unauthroized' games.

Datablitz, the biggest gaming software retail chain in the Philippines, has just been accused of selling a ‘unauthorized’ game of NBA 2k13.  (Source)   Not because it was downloaded illegally and burnt to a cheap CD but because Datablitz did not buy some(?) of  their copies from the official and exclusive Philippine distributor of the game, XPLAY games.  Based on the article posted, PNP-CIDG (Philippine National Police -  Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) raided stores and the warehouse of Datablitz.  The complaint was filed because the games being sold apparently did not have the XPLAY sticker like the one shown in the image below.  Those in the Philippines might be wondering why the PNP-CIDG and not the OMB (Optical Media Board) well this is not about piracy but trade and business.

The truth is Datablitz is the errant party here --- if we are going to base it according to the law.  They probably got some copies from the gray market --- for what reason...who knows?   I don&…