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PINOYXBOX Events this December!

Lots of events lined up for the Pinoyxbox community this December!

PINOY GAMERS TV SHOW 1st Episode: Gamers Battle!

Full details here posted in this thread here.

Date: Some time this week, more details TBA
Time: TBA
Venue: TBA

We're currently looking for players to participate in a "Gamers' Battle" segment for Pinoy Gamers. The taping for this will be held some time in the coming week. The games being considered for the Gamers' Battle are:

1. Guitar Hero World Tour / Rock Band 2 (Guitar or Drums pro-face off)
2. Soulcalibur IV (Note, we may not have fighting sticks available; just default Xbox 360 controls)
3. Gears of War 2 - either 1vs1 or 2vs2 depending on available hardware
4. Virtua Fighter 5
5. Any other competitive game.

The game chosen will depend on the available volunteers and their preference for which games. So if you're interested to join, please visit the discussion thread here and sign up. We need players that have a flexible schedule, because we're st…

Pinoy Gamers TV Show Returns!

For New Guitar Hero World Tour Band Set Owners : Video Tip for Fixing the Cymbals

Do your yellow and orange cymbals for Guitar Hero World Tour seem to be not sensitive enough?

Watch this video for a very, very, VERY simple way to fix your cymbals so that they will be more sensitive. All you need is a screwdriver and some tape. Any kind of tape will do; masking tape or electrical tape. We actually used electric tape and it works fine.

Thanks toduffman3 from for coming up with the solution and taking the time and effort to make this video. It was really, really helpful!

Thanks also goes out to Servo101 from Pinoyxbox for finding this video online and posting it on to help other users in the community who recently bought the Guitar Hero World Tour Band Set.

Guitar Hero World Tour Impressions!

We posted our impressions of Guitar Hero World Tour over on
Scytherage: Just got the Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit.

1. Graphics - better, more colorful, more detailed and more creative than Rock Band 2 (whose graphics were really just recycled from Rock Band 1....)

2. Drum Kit - 5x better than Rock Band 1's (because of the 'quieter' drum pads and the wireless functionality)

Cymbals add a whole new dynamic to the game (makes it feel like an upgrade from Rock Band 1's drum kit).

The pedal slides away if you don't position it right. If it had a heavier base or something to keep it from moving, the drum kit would have been 6x more awesome than Rock Band 1's drum kit :D
3. Guitar - Bigger than the GH3 guitar, feels more solid; huge strumbar hahaha! But great quality as usual, and as expected from Activision/Red Octane. Touch pad---I haven't used it in a song yet, just about to learn the new mechanics.

4. Best played with the METALLICA DEATH MAG…

The New Xbox Experience!

Yesterday night, we were able to download the much hyped New Xbox Experience (NXE) from Xbox Live, which is essentially an Xbox Dashboard (Xbox 360 Operating System) update. Aside from streamlining the user interface and making it more easy to use, the NXE lets you create and customize an in-system Avatar (much like Nintendo's Miis or the avatars on Playstation Home). It also adds some new features to the Xbox 360 such as the ability to install your games to the hard drive. This has some benefit for a few games which continuously stream data from the disc, like Fable II and Gears of War 2. Installing the games on the Xbox 360's drive are still optional, so players who want to save on hard drive space aren't forced to use this feature if they don't want to.

Creating an Xbox avatar is a lot of fun; here's ours:

Xbox 360 owners can choose from a wide variety of options to customize the look of their avatar. For instance, all kinds of faces, eye shapes, skin colors, clot…

Championship Gaming Series (CGS) Goes Out of Business

Just something I found on Kotaku today...

Another Pro Gaming League Goes Under

The Championship Gaming Series is no more. Sponsors BSkyB, STAR and DirecTV have officially ended their professional gaming business, according to an announcement posted on the league's web site. The statement explains that the CGS — which I'll always fondly remember as my ticket into the Playboy Mansion — was killed off because "profitability was too far in the future for us to sustain operations in the interim." Things are tough all over, basically.

The CGS focused on competitive gaming in titles like Counter-Strike: Source, Dead or Alive 4, FIFA, World of Warcraft and more. It joins the [b]CPL [/b]and [b]World Series of Video Games [/b]as failed attempts to garner profitable interest in watching other people play games really, really, really well.

Today BSkyB, STAR and DIREC…

The New Xbox Experience (NXE): Available November 19, 6:00PM Philippine Time

According to this thread on NEOGAF:

The New Xbox Experience (NXE) will be online on Wednesday November 19th from 10am GMT. In PHILIPPINE time, that is 6:00PM on Wednesday, Nov. 19.

What time will it be in your country when NXE gets released? Check this link:

Other useful information from NEOGAF, Game Install Sizes (How much space will your game take up when installed via NXE, and will there be a performance benefit?):

Gears of War 2 Horde Mode Played Solo.... just unbelievably addictive for me. I can't explain it, it's just nuts to be the sole survivor on a map crawling with Locusts. Yeah, I know the game mode is meant to be played with 4 other players online, but for some reason playing on the map 'Day One' on Normal Difficulty against numerous Locust hordes is fun. It's great target practice! I think I'm getting better with the Torque Bow now thanks to this mode.

The map 'Day One' reminds me of 'I Am Legend' for some reason ^_^

Plot Twists in Gears of War 2 That I'm Glad Didn't Happen

Throughout the course of Gears of War 2 I was expecting the storyline to have a couple of [predictable] twists and turns. These are a couple of the things I was thinking as I was playing which, thankfully, never happened when I finished the game. Why 'thankfully'? Because in a way, these twists I expected were cliche, they're the type of things that are either supposed to shock you or "take the story in a whole new direction" [which usually results in disaster, anyway. Think HEROES Season 3.].



[Why? Because you might read these, thinking these will happen in the story, but seriously, they don't. The only reason I'm spoilerizing these is because you might have these same expectations, and if you read these, you'd already know they won't happen. Now that would make the Gears 2's campaign mode a lot less surprising, now, would i…

Gears of War 2 : Comments on the Story and Ending

Finally finished the game together with my wife this morning, at hardcore difficulty.

Comments on the story:
WARNING, SPOILERS! [highlight to read]

As a moderator on Pinoyxbox, I've had to read a few spoilers here and there, and going online I try to avoid some spoilers but inevitably I did read some. Most of them don't say exactly what happens but they say the same thing: Gears of War 2 ends abruptly with a cliffhanger.

After getting to actually finish the game, I was quite surprised because I was expecting a Halo 2-styled cliffhanger ending. Granted, you could say that Adam Fenix's last lines at the end make it seem like a cliffhanger, and a great deal goes left unexplained when you reach the end, but the story for this 'chapter' of the Gears series does feel complete. By the time Jacinto falls it does feel like the conclusion to a certain story; in a way the humans dealt a strong blow against the Locusts by drowning them in the hollows. There'll probably be a fe…

Gears of War 2: More Impressions

Just finished Act 3 last night, daaaamn! I think the best way to play campaign is multiplayer (co-op) with a friend nearby (either in splitscreen or a second console). Some scenarios in the first three acts are just too much fun when your buddy is right there with you in the room and you can just tell each other what to do (and you can see his/her POV). It's extremely entertaining during certain boss fights :) And perhaps the best difficulty level for players who've already played shooters is HARDCORE; we found ourselves restarting some spots because the enemies were really more challenging (and winning is that much more satisfying). The tension is higher, the possibility of dying is real, and the game takes longer to finish. Why play on NORMAL or CASUAL and water down your experience if you've already played every shooter there is in the book? If you're starting on the game, but you do have the playing experience with shooters, HARDCORE is the way to go. At least, if …

Gears of War 2 - Find Clan-mates and Fellow Players on!

This week it's all about GEARS OF WAR 2 on ! If you're a player in the Philippines itching to try out the game's spectacular variety of multiplayer modes, check out our forums on Pinoyxbox and find fellow players to play alongside with, or against :) In our experience it's best for players in the Philippines to find other players that have the same Internet Service Provider as they do, in order to get the best online connection. For example, if you're a player using PLDT MyDSL, find other players that are using PLDT. If you're on Globe, find other players that use Globe. The local online community for Gears of War 2 is growing rapidly, so it should be relatively easy to find other players with the same ISP as you. Here's some forum links to's Gears of War 2 threads:

Gears of War 2 - The Discussion Thread

Here's the thread where you can sign up with online clans in the Philippines for Gears of War 2.

Get on XBOX LI…

GEARS OF WAR 2 : Buckets of Awesome

After spending more than an hour playing Gears of War 2, trying out both its single player and multiplayer modes, I can only think of one thing to say: this game is, quite literally, buckets of awesome. It's that rare game that comes along after several years that you won't easily forget. Gears of War 2 seems to have improved on many of the original's faults. Take, for instance, the cutscenes. One thing notable from the first game is how the cinematics were really choppy, and this really affected the immersion factor. For Gears 2, the cinematics are now really, really smooth; they continue to be real time which improves the immersion but because they're smoother, they're a nice bonus to look forward to when you complete some single player challenges.

Other improvements are more subtle but they're definitely there: gameplay is tighter, the user-interface does a better job of telling you what's going on, and co-op play is implemented more smoothly than it was …

Article on WCG 2008 from Manila Bulletin

Manila Bulletin Online posted an article about the World Cyber Games 2008 and the Philippine Team. Click HERE for the full article.

Here's a snippet...


RP team puts up a good fight at 2008 World Cyber Games tourney in Cologne, but fails to advance in semi-finals

Tjader Regis, WCG Philippines project director, said despite of the RP team failing to advance into the semi final rounds of the tournament, he is proud of what the group has achieved in this year’s WCG competition. "Eventhough it was our first time to join in games like Command & Conquer and Guitar Hero, and despite our players being up against the top players from established countries like the US, Germany, etc. immediately on the first day of eliminations, they have shown that we are capable of putting up a good fight in their game." Moreover, he said the RP team has exhibited a new level of maturity and discipline in their craft that has been developed over the years, one that could serve them in attaini…

World Cyber Games 2008 - Results for the Philippine Team

Here are the results from the Philippine Team at the World Cyber Games 2008 in Cologne, Germany:



New Zealand/massi4h (New Zealand)/6-0-0/18
USA/witwix (USA)/5-1-0/15
Germany/NOLIMIT32 (Germany) 4-2-0/12
Philippines/wuffy (Philippines)/3-3-0/9
Portugal/JonnyGun (Portugal)/2-4-0/6
Austria/Bananenbrot (Austria)/1-5-0/3
Switzerland/Shroudi (Switzerland)/0-6-0/0

Champions for Guitar Hero III

1st Place: Monkey from United Kingdom
2nd Place: Lo7_ from Italy
3rd Place: Gugge2000 from Sweden



Germany/Dackel (Germany)/5-0-0/15
Singapore/echo_elite (Singapore)/4-1-0/12
Philippines/johnray (Philippines)/3-2-0/9
Saudi Arabia/Scorpion (Saudi Arabia)/2-3-0/6
Serbia/Lav. (Serbia)/1-4-0/3
Luxembourg /a-L.nami (Luxembourg)/0-5-0/0

Champions for Command and Conquer: Kane's Wrath

1st place: Dackel from Germany
2nd place: Heckenheinrich from Germany
3rd place: khufu_ow…

Gamehopper Presents PINOY GAMERS! TV Show

Great news! ^_^

Gamehopper together with Makisig Network channel 76 will be hosting the second season for PINOY GAMERS, a TV show devoted to console games for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The online communities for console games, Pinoyxbox, PinoyPS and Pinoy-N are all invited to participate on the show.

More details will be provided on this development as soon as they are available.

Survey for WCG 2009 is now up

On the official site for the World Cyber Games, a survey to choose next year's lineup of games is already available. Based on this survey, WCG will choose which games will be part of WCG next year.

It's viewable the first time you visit the site:

In case you can't find it, it's here, too:

Just some interesting observations:

- ROCKBAND 2 and GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR are part of the possible choices

- STREET FIGHTER 4 is in the list along with Soulcalibur IV. I'm surprised because no release date has been given for SFIV but it's already listed.

- GEARS OF WAR 2 is in the list of choices (of course, Halo 3 is also listed again)

- A surprise to me: FORZA MOTORSPORT 3 is one of the choices for racing games. That's odd, because there's really NO INFORMATION on that game yet, unless Microsoft (being a big sponsor for WCG) already told the organizers that they're releasing in a short span of time.…