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Shadow of Nintendo

A few weeks ago Sony has unveiled the PS3, or majority of what it is supposed to be, coupled with their online service offerings that a few months ago they had downplayed as unnecessary.At the Game Development Conference (GDC), Sony once again echoed the same news that Ken Kutaragi trumpeted in the Playstation Business Conference, this time under the guise of Phil Harrison coupled with a couple of more tech demos (hard to tell what they are anymore if its coming from Sony). Of course with the style of Sony Marketing, the sizzle always sells much more than the steak…and it works!Microsoft and Nintendo were also present at the GDC but compared to Sony’s sizzle these two guys are once again left out in the blue.
Ken Kutaragi's motto: "Sell the Sizzle and not the Steak!"

To its credit, Microsoft didn’t really want to create too much buzz around the XBOX 360, perhaps they want to save all the news they have for E3 2006.Instead they went to the GDC to peddle their new gaming deve…

IGN, Gamespy and the Playstation 3

The media is indeed very powerful in controlling public perception. I know i've posted this earlier, but later on I will provide something that's worth thinking about.

Note in the following comparisons how differently two media avenues cover the PS3.


IGN says...
In the demo, the game was shown with a full HUD of the new futuristic Warhawk ship. Across a massive battlefield, [b]you could see ambient warfare everywhere, with background battles raging far away from you. Our editors report great lighting, volumetric cloud effects, and incredibly fast motion. One of the coolest events involved burning pieces of capital ships raining down and falling into the gorgeous ocean below.

Gaming Age says...
Warhawk, while looking great, was essentially a barren section of ocean with a lot of fighter ships (they were aiming for a hundred for the final game) going around destroying larger vessels and some nice looking water (wave simulation with procedural animation) and clouds (volumetric …

Japan == Success???

I'll be honest. For the longest time I have stuck around the XBOX forums hoping that more fans will accept a more diverse XBOX game lineup, even if they may not be the epitome of amazing graphical wonder. I have defended, Japanese games primarily, from the default assault that come from the XBOX graphic whores.
But as of late, I have come to realize one thing. That even if the XBOX 360 will produce the best games in Japan, the Japanese will never buy it. Even if Hironobu Sakaguchi will make the best RPG that we have ever seen, the Japanese will never buy the XBOX 360. Why? Because the XBOX 360 will never have the sheer quantity of Japan centric games when compared to Sony or Nintendo. The XBOX 360 will not have 50 default mediocre RPGs but instead will just have a handful really good ones. To the Japanese, its quite simple and practical...quantity is greater than quality and the top 100 Famitsu game list proves that.

And that's the sad part. I saw the top 100 game list of the Ja…

First Really Real-Time Playstation 3 Screens!!!

After many months of waiting and anticipation for the PS3, finally, today some real PS3 in-game screenshots were UNLEASHED upon the World Wide Web. Behold, the screenshots which shall signal the opening salvo of the REAL next generation! I give you....

By Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)

Look upon this game and cry TEARS OF JOY...

...what the.


Oddly enough, today I was in Greenhills at EYO's new shop in Virra Mall. I was with a friend and we were commenting on the accessories for the 360 that were on display.

As I was speaking with my friend, there was this guy behind me, talking REALLY loud about the Playstation 3. Essentially he said something to this effect (not exact words)

"Lalampasuhin ng Playstation3 yung 360 na yan." ("The Playstation 3 will destroy the Xbox 360") He was talking with some other person.

It was really annoying. From the tone of his voice it was obvious that he was…