Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Master Chief gets a deserving tribute by Square Enix / Play Arts

For some reason I never tire of staring at this newly purchased Halo 4 Play Arts Kai statue of Master Chief. It's just perfect. Unlike other Play Arts figures you can barely see those "action figure" joints, so it looks incredible. The armor detail is really well done, too.

Got it from Datablitz SM Marikina last week. Just amazing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DmC: I think gamers owe Ninja Theory an apology

I've been playing DmC for the past few days and I think it's a fantastic action game.

I don't know how Ninja Theory could have prevented the backlash they got for rebooting the franchise....there was really no demand that the Devil May Cry series be redone. That said I've played a big portion of their game and I came to the conclusion that everyone who mocked them originally should apologize, and eat a big plate of crow.

The last DMC game I know of, DMC4, sold pretty well. I remember I didn't like how the previous game made you fight the same bosses over and over, and the story was pretty bad, too. In DmC, the story is quite well told, and the cutscenes were alright. I didn't find anything really cringe-worthy; yeah the new game loves to use the 'F' word but it was OK in the context of what was going on. There's also some sort of 'love story' i think, but it isn't as unbearable as DMC4's. Also, I love how creative they were with the morphing levels, the enemies, and how each level has some sort of 'theme' that makes them all different and memorable.

This is a great action game; I'd say it's one of the best. I'd rank its gameplay as better than the Batman Arkham series, slightly better than Ninja Gaiden 2's, and way better than DMC4's. Slightly better than Bayonetta (I think this way, because it's easier to do stuff in DmC than in that game) Full disclosure: I never played DMC1, 2 and 3 so I can't compare it to those. But generally I really enjoyed how smooth it all was, and if I didn't know it was made in the West I would have thought it was a Japanese game with some western art sensibilities. The gameplay is just so fluid and interesting.

I don't think the game is long (I'm pretty sure I'm near the end now), it only took me a couple of days to get far....but despite that each level felt worth it, no ridiculous grind to speak of (I'm looking at you, Borderlands 2!). So for a guy like me who has work and family to worry about this is a great distraction to have at short intervals.

I hope Capcom will continue the series in the direction Ninja Theory has taken it. It's just far more creative, with a myth arc that can go deeper if they want to. I heard the game didn't sell as well as the previous game, which is not good news to me....I hope more gamers out there give good feedback for it, because it really is a great game, and in a world full of FPS clones and SWAT/Military shooters, DmC is a breath of fresh air.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Borderlands 2: This game sucks

Everyone else was giving this game 10s and 9s. I don't think it deserves it.

The game's design seems to boil down to this:

1) Make 15 or so giant, empty, desert maps.
2) Populate maps with 5-10 different enemy types.
3) Put waypoints on map
4) Put townspeople with quests for each waypoint
5) Profit = 100 hours of gameplay

The game's sidequests (and even its main quests) all feel the same---go through mob, get item/kill monster, return to quest giver. That's it. Nothing really happens when you do it. Well there are probably a few major cutscenes here and there but you don't feel like anything really changes in the world. And that's what bothers me about this game.

I like the idea behind treasure drops like Diablo 2 in this game....but at some point it feels like a chore to go over stat after stat after stat. It's just tiring for me. Maybe I've just outgrown this type of game. I don't have 400 hours of free time anymore to devote to this kind of game....

So yeah, for ages 12 and below it's probably good. For ages 20 and up, or for people with jobs or kids, AVOID.