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SF4 Tip # 2,582: Don't Celebrate Until You See The 'K.O!' On Screen.

Best explained by the one who posted the video:

This was recorded at the southeast major fighting game tournament Final Round, in Atlanta, GA in March 2009. This footage was the last match of a 2 out of 3 set, Kensou winning the first match, Liston winning the 2nd. The winner of this match also places top 16 out of 240+ participants. In this match, Kensou whiffs an ultra, and Liston executes an Ultra thinking that It would connect, but instead it whiffs, Kensou notices this after standing up, then proceeds to jump back on the stick to finish off Liston who's too busy celebrating to notice before It was already over.

To clarify: Kensou is on the left standing up around 2:25, Liston is the Guy in the brown hoodie standing up as well at the same time. At 2:26 Kensou is the one that rushes down back to the stick.

Shin Kensou: "i thought i had lost honestly, and i got up laughing feeling that i lost it...but i saw viper dancing still so i did what you saw and well...the outcome is pr…

Street Fighter IV World Tournament

Saw this post on

I don't post in this particular section of SRK forums much, but I've been playing SF4 pretty regularly in Korea and last Saturday was the final top 16 tournament of the Korean national SF4 tournament series that went on for 4 weeks.

Ono Yoshinori was there in person and when all the top 4 players were decided, Ono had a small event match with 2 of the audience members then he made a very surprising announcement for the first time anywhere in the world. The announcement was that there will be a World SF4 tournament held in San Francisco on the same date as the US national SF4 finals (April 18th), and the winner of the Korean tournament would be invited to play for the world title along with the Japanese national tournament winner (Iyo as we all know) and the US tournament winner. He's also mentioned European champion a lot, so I'm guessing a European representative will be there as well.


Street Fighter IV - The Game That Keeps On Giving....

- The online competition in Street Fighter IV is getting really tough now in Ranked. I can barely get a win these days in ranked online play. Occassionally the good players will go play Player Matches too, so yeah, the competition level is quite high now.

That said, I learned a couple of tricks with Ryu that I didn't think were possible before...Hmm, he can juggle with the EX fireball? A new trick that I use a lot now.

Of course the other trick I see often in ranked matches online is the Shoryuken -> Ultra Fireball for Ryu; I have a hard time doing it consistently because of the reaction time needed. But it's nice to see that it's doable even if you don't pull off an Focus Attack Dash Cancel (FADC)

- One problem I have with online play is that, on a bad connection, most of my air attacks (flying kicks, punches etc) won't come out on screen until a half second later. So my Ryu can barely start a combo from an air attack. I had to press the punch/kick button way earl…

Street Fighter IV....finally on Major Nelson's Top 10 Xbox Live Titles

The game didn't crack the top 10 during the first few weeks of its release. It's good to see that Street Fighter IV finally made it to this prestigious list....even if it's at the very bottom!

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on UU’s)

1 Halo 3
2 Call of Duty: WaW
3 Call of Duty 4
4 Gears of War 2
6 Halo Wars
7 Left 4 Dead
8 Halo Wars demo
9 FIFA 09


Surprisingly SSF2HDRemix does pretty well against other XBLA games. I didn't really like HDR so much; it was fun for the first few days, then I realized it's a game I already played to death long ago.

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

1 Watchmen: The End is Nigh
2 Castle Crashers
3 3 on 3 NHL Arcade
4 Worms
6 Braid
7 Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
8 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
9 A Kingdom for Keflings
10 Marble Blast Ultra

Resident Evil 5 - Finished! Blown Away!

Finally got around to finishing Resident Evil 5 tonight. The game is of adequate length, perhaps its just as long as Gears of War 2. It was a great ride, non-stop action from start to finish. :) Usually when I look at a game I just see it as a whole, and while there are some little things that people will endlessly argue about (running and shooting, inventory system), as a whole package, RE5 is one of those games that you just have to have on your shelf.

The damn thing just looks and feels like a work of art; it's like a cornerstone of this generation of consoles, a benchmark on how far we've come. It's right up there with Gears of War 2; and in terms of being cinematic, it matches it and in some cases even surpasses it!

Now I wouldn't say that the story of RE5 is the greatest ever; it's just straightforward, save the world story you typically see in games. I just enjoyed the journey itself. I can't help but compare it to a big budget blockbuster hollywood flick;…

Resident Evil 5: Like A Blockbuster Movie, But You (and possibly a friend) are in it

Just picked up Resident Evil 5. Got through a few chapters of the game and I really, really like it. Production and presentation values are just insane in this title.

Unfortunately, since the game got released in March this year, I have a strong feeling the gaming press will forget to give it any honors when they start selling their Game of the Year Awards to game developers by the end of this year. (that's what usually happens. Great games that get released early in the year don't ever do well in year-end awards....). I do believe that this is one of those games that define this generation of consoles, for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

Capcom's photorealistic graphics really shine through in some parts, and if you're into just appreciating the advancement of game technology, the level of detail Capcom managed to put into their graphics can be mind blowing at times. I'm sure there will be those who are used to first person shooters and will definitely say …

Capcom's 2 Hit Super Combo Finish!

Capcom just released Resident Evil 5 in the Asian gaming marketplace this week, and they'll be launching the game in the USA and other places from now up to March 13th.

Kudos goes out to CAPCOM ASIA for releasing Capcom games ahead here in Southeast Asia! We got Street Fighter IV ahead of the USA, and for Resident Evil 5, we also got the game early, too.

After playing both games, I must say that Capcom's current generation game engine, MT Framework, is really showing its muscle. Dare I say it really does rival the Unreal Engine 3 in terms of technology....what strikes me about MT framework is how flexible it is. It can go from cell shaded looking graphics such as those in Street Fighter IV, to ultra-realistic environments as presented in their latest release, Resident Evil 5. It truly is hard to believe that the same game engine can create two games that have completely different visual and design themes.

Unreal Engine 3 seems to be stuck with beautifully rendering dark, gritty, …

Street Fighter IV - Still Going Strong With Gamers

Saw this today at

On Neogaf, at the time of this writing, the Street Fighter IV thread has over 20,528 posts and 810,459 page views.

You would think gamers would have moved on to Killzone 2 or other games...but wow. People are still playing Street Fighter IV. That's great news for the fighting game genre. If Capcom could get this game out to more arcades, while the iron is still hot, they could spark a fighting game revolution worldwide (arcades are still important for attracting people who don't have consoles or for gamers who just play casually).

I will say one more thing. The organizers for the World Cyber Games in Korea made a huge mistake by not picking this game over Virtua Fighter 5. As much as I love VF, Street Fighter is the game that attracts HUGE crowds. It's known to the mainstream, and it created the fighting game genre altogether. It's easier to learn than VF, and at high level of play, can be very challenging and technical as well (arguably j…

SFIV UK Tourney Video - Neo Empire London Ranking Battle

Found this on, which also found it here:

EDIT: The actual source of the video is , which organizes tournaments in the UK.

Great video!

Watch Neo Empire London SF IV Ranking Battle Episode 1:2 View More Free Videos Online at