Friday, March 13, 2009

Street Fighter IV - The Game That Keeps On Giving....

- The online competition in Street Fighter IV is getting really tough now in Ranked. I can barely get a win these days in ranked online play. Occassionally the good players will go play Player Matches too, so yeah, the competition level is quite high now.

That said, I learned a couple of tricks with Ryu that I didn't think were possible before...Hmm, he can juggle with the EX fireball? A new trick that I use a lot now.

Of course the other trick I see often in ranked matches online is the Shoryuken -> Ultra Fireball for Ryu; I have a hard time doing it consistently because of the reaction time needed. But it's nice to see that it's doable even if you don't pull off an Focus Attack Dash Cancel (FADC)

- One problem I have with online play is that, on a bad connection, most of my air attacks (flying kicks, punches etc) won't come out on screen until a half second later. So my Ryu can barely start a combo from an air attack. I had to press the punch/kick button way earlier than I should if I'm playing online, and this really messes up my timing.

That said, jumping in Street Fighter IV seems like a bad idea anyway; lots of options for the opponent when you jump at them to strike back at you.

- I lost so many battle points.... T_T but then, that seems to be the only way to learn new tricks in this game. Watch the pros play, and learn from them. I'm seeing my win percentage go down to 75% and it's going worse every time I go ranked.

If only Philippine arcades had this game....then maybe I wouldn't have to worry about lag....


-UPDATE for Playstation 3 owners looking for a Hori Fighting Stick....I found one in Virra Mall Greenhills. No, it's not in Mr. Dynamic/I-Tech but in that store near the Macintosh store and the Odyssey Music/Video store. I forgot the name of the shop; they have a couple of PS3 games on display in the front.

I think they priced their PS3 Hori Stick at around PHP 3,900++. It isn't the top of the line stick like a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3; but I do own a stick like it for the Xbox 360. Judging from all the abuse I've given this plain/generic Hori stick that I own, these regular Hori sticks are really durable and I've yet to experience any headaches in using it for Street Fighter IV. I think they're well worth the price; the only way one could get those expensive Hori Pro sticks are to either fly to Japan and bring them home, or import them via the Internet and face extreme customs/duties/taxes....

I checked on; the Hori Pro EX for the Xbox 360 is about PHP 11,000++. OUCH! Imagine the customs taxes you'd have to pay for ordering that online.....T_T Sigh...the plight of the thirdworldgamer.

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