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How To Beat A.I. Seth With Ryu

It seems to me that the best tactic to beat A.I. (superpowered end boss) Seth with Ryu is to go to one edge of the screen and engage in a fireball contest with him. He'll try to jump at you from the wall, but the recovery on Ryu's fireball is fast enough so that once he gets to you, you can Dragon Punch him the moment he gets even close to you.

I still haven't figured out a way to beat him when he's already up in your face. You could use low punches, but he'll throw you faster than you can hit him. Perhaps you could throw escape by pressing LP and LK; I've never managed to master throw escaping in SFIV yet, though.

So part of it is luck, and another part of it is skill. Seth is HARD on any difficulty. Just try to avoid getting too close to the guy when you're fighting him.


In other news, I've only recently figured out that Ryu can hit anyone with an Ultra or a Super right after you use a Low Punch Dragon Punch on them. After you hit an opponent with a…

EXCELLENT Street Fighter IV Primer/Guide

David Sirlin Says SFIV Is Too Complex. I Completely Disagree.

When I read about the 100/100 scores, I see again and again how "simple and elegant" the game is. Two super meters, a 3-tier focus attack system, and all the complications above seem to fly in the face of that. Even more though, I hear how "casual friendly" it is. This is deeply mysterious and I'm not sure why this so often claimed. Not every game has to be casual friendly, so it would seem more honest to just explain how casual unfriendly all these things are. Qcf x 2 +PPP all the time, extra button presses to throw, extra button presses to roman cancel, and many, many extremely difficult link combos work in concert to create that impenetrable wall of execution between you and the actual game (the interaction between you and your opponent). I wish we could get rid of all this stuff and focus more on the gameplay itself.

I read the full article and I completely disagreed with w…

Latest Issue of Famitsu Says VIRTUAL ON ORATORIO TANGRAM coming to XBOX LIVE ARCADE!

For arcade enthusiasts, Famitsu's latest issue recently reported that VIRTUAL ON ORATORIO TANGRAM is coming to XBOX LIVE ARCADE! This is great news!

Now if only I could find a peripheral to match the original arcade game's controls....

Pointless reviews of games I care about:

7th Dragon (DS) - 9/8/8/8
Biohazard 5 (PS3/360) - 10/10/9/9

Articles of interest so far:

- SRWZ Special Disc article, shows the black Gainer in action

- VOOT Ver 5.66 on XBLA

Lost Planet 2 Announced on Xbox Live Marketplace

Capcom's big surprise for this week turned out to be Lost Planet 2! As a player who thoroughly enjoyed LP1, this is great news for me!

The trailer is currently out exclusively on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Which means, I should get to downloading it .....

Capcom: Street Fighter IV Ships Over 2 Million Worldwide

Congratulations to Capcom - they deserve it!

*And note, I think when they say SHIPPED they already made money off the 2 million; whether the game(s) were sold in stores is irrelevant to Capcom anymore. The fact that stores even bothered to order that many games from them means that the game is in high demand; people love this game.

Capcom's "Street Fighter IV" Breaks the Two Million Mark!

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is proud to announce that it has shipped two million copies of "Street Fighter IV", the newest title in the company’s popular series, "Street Fighter".

The all new "Street Fighter IV" has the unmistakable feel of a 2D fighting game and is jam-packed with beloved characters from previous iterations. Beautiful graphics only possible with the newest game consoles, combined with various new additions to the combat system have created a title that can …

Heads Up: Hori EX2 Sticks Found in I-Tech Greenhills

For players who have been looking all over the place for a relatively good quality fighting stick for Street Fighter IV, you can find Xbox 360 Hori Fighting Stick EX2's over on I-Tech/Mr. Dynamic in Virra Mall Greenhills. They also carry a special edition Street Fighter IV Hori EX2 Fighting stick, which is bundled with a couple of special move cards/character cards, and comes in a special box.

I can already hear the complaints from elite players..."but it's not the HRAP.EX!" Well, being in an unsupported country has its moments of frustration, and this is one of them. I can attest to the quality of the Hori Fighting Stick EX2. Mine's still hanging on quite nicely, after months and months of abuse with Virtua Fighter 5, and now with Street Fighter IV. For me, it works extremely well, and I have no complaints.

There's also another surprise there in Greenhills for Playstation 3 owners looking to score their most anticipated exclusive game this week......hmmm.....

Street Fighter IV Exhibits Exceptional Online Play Performance!

As a player from the Philippines, I'm no longer surprised when I usually get horrible degrees of lag in my online games. However, that isn't the case with Street Fighter IV. Despite my relatively not-so-good PLDT MyDSL Plan 999, with its paltry upload speed averaging around 200-400 kbps, STREET FIGHTER IV manages to give me fantastic performance in my online games.And I can prove it, through my online statistics and achievements I've gained in Street Fighter IV's Online Mode.

Here's a SpeedTest I ran just now, if I was connecting to someone in New York, USA.

Upload speed is the important thing when it comes to online games. My upload speed is pretty bad; but it manages to get me some great performance in Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360.

Los Angeles, USA.

London, UK.


Brisbane, Australia.

Yokohama, Japan.

I'm positive I played against one guy in Singapore because I checked one of my opponent's gamertags. I had a GREEN connection icon when I played again…

Playstation 3 Expands to Latin America

Great initiative by Sony, expanding their Playstation business to other places around the world.

PlayStation Expands To Latin America
By Brian Ashcraft, 6:00 AM on Fri Feb 20 2009, 319 views

Check off another region on the globe that Sony has infiltrated. The company is officially bringing the PlayStation to Latin America.

The PLAYSTATION 3, the PSP, the PS2 and the PlayStation Network services will be available for 13 countries throughout Latin America thanks to a distribution deal with Sony Latin America.

"Our commitment to expand PlayStation business into Latin America supports our vision to provide access to social entertainment experiences that can be shared among friends and family from around the world," said Mark Stanley, director and general manager, Latin America, SCEA. "This expansion is the direct result of us listening closely to our community, and we're proud to deliver premium hardware and softw…

Pinoy Gamers Season 3, Episode 5 - My Street Fighter IV Review

I wrote the review for Street Fighter IV for Pinoy Gamers Season 3, Episode 5. Marco Viray provides the voice-over for the review.

Watch the HQ version for best results.

More videos from the latest episode of Pinoy Gamers to be posted here soon :) You can also catch reruns of the latest episode of Pinoy Gamers this week at 8AM in the morning, 4PM in the afternoon and 10PM in the evening on Channel 76 Skycable, Makisig Network.

IGN Video on Advanced Techniques for Street Fighter IV

I'm still having a hard time incorporating these into my game. It's easy to do in the training mode, but when you're faced with competition I end up going the safe route with tactics I'm already familiar with.

Over time I think we'll see more players do this, so more practice is needed....

Street Fighter IV Custom Wallpaper

Made this one pretty quickly, using art from :

(Note: 1280x800 resolution)

Finally Got 1000 Battle Points in Street Fighter IV!

After a few days of playing, I finally racked up 1000 Battle Points in Street Fighter IV! A pretty small achievement, sure, but it's easier to get things like this early on in a game's life, when a lot of people are playing. When other games come along later, it will be harder to find players with decent connections because a lot of people will have moved on to other games that come out.

Will Street Fighter IV have lasting power on Xbox Live? I really hope so. With Virtua Fighter 5 the player base thinned out after about three months, and the player base already wasn't that great to begin with. I hope players don't give up on it so easily. The game really is more accessible, compared to most other fighting games on current generation systems. Capcom has to step up their community features (like introducing things like clans or other web-based player stat tracking systems) if they want the game to continue enjoying a large player base. They also have to teach players how…

Let's try this again. PINOY GAMERS Season 3, Episode 4

We've been busy lately so it was difficult to find time to get this uploaded. (Couple that with the fact that our bandwidth was being eaten up by Street Fighter IV online gaming....)

KILLZONE 2 Preview

Halo Wars Preview

XBX Interactive

Watch Pinoy Gamers tonight at 10PM, Channel 76 Skycable Makisig Network. They're featuring my review for Street Fighter IV ;)

Latest Media Create: Street Fighter IV #2 and #5 respectively

It's really unfortunate that a hardcore game like Street Fighter IV isn't doing so well in Japan. It did pretty well for the Playstation 3 there, but I wish it did beyond 80K, considering how good the game is, and how some Nintendo games are able to break 100k in a week in Japan. Well, combining PS3 version sales with the 360 version, SF4 squeaks above 100k, but for each individual system the numbers seem pretty low to me.

Surely Capcom will react to this by releasing their sales numbers for the rest of the world sometime soon. I have a good feeling they did extremely well on both consoles outside of Japan.

01. [NDS] Mario & Luigi RPG 3 (Nintendo) 193,000 / NEW
02. [PS3] Street Fighter IV (Capcom) 86,000 / NEW
03. [PSP] Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou (Namco Bandai) 40,000 / NEW
04. [PS2] Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou (Namco Bandai) 38,000 / NEW
05. [360] Street Fighter IV (Capcom) 38,000 / NEW
06. [PSP] Pro Evolution S…


Oh wow, what could this be?

Source: :

Surprisingly this announcement is only available on Xbox Live! What could this be???

Capcom Announcement on Xbox Live Feb 23
Thursday, February 19, 2009, 03:12 AM [General]

On Monday, Feburary 23rd, Capcom's brand new title trailer will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace! What could it be about? You'll have to check it out on Feb 23 to find out!

In order to download the new title announcement trailer, an Xbox 360 console and network connection to Xbox Live is required.

UPDATE#2: Comment From Snow on capcom-unity - "You won't need to pay for it."

Oh my... ?!!

Star Ocean 4 New Japanese Footage!

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope has just been released today in Japan for the XBOX 360. Given the beauty of this game, its not surprising to see that several Japanese gamers have put up videos of their gameplay. Check out the YouTube videos below...unfortunately YouTube seems to have disabled the HD version of these videos due to the size. If you have an account in Nico Douga, go see the original videos! One thing I have to say is that this is perhaps the most colorful looking XBOX 360 game there is right now! Everything you see in those videos are all in realtime! Having played Infinite Undiscovery, the graphics for SO4 is a pretty nice leap from IU.

That image above is from one of the YouTube videos. Unfortunately due to the YouTube constraints the video might play back at a lower resolution. To get the best version go to the source in Nico Douga.

I’ve read a couple of reviews for the game, most notably Game Informer, and the one of their chief complaints have something to do with…

Ode to my Hori EX2 Fighting Stick!

This stick has survived a Virtua Fighter 5 tournament for the World Cyber Games, a Soulcalibur IV tournament, my own personal moments of frustration (when losing and banging on the stick after an atrocious defeat) and all sorts of wear and tear. I may have spent more for it because I imported it (gee, thanks Philippine Bureau of Customs :grr:) but I think I got my money's worth, considering it survived all the abuse I've given it.

It may look 'cheap' and it doesn't have a fancy graphic on the front face, but it lasts. It worked out of the box when I bought it, and it still works great today.

Just posting this because I saw on some forums that some of the Mad Catz Standard Street Fighter Sticks are having some kind of defect issues where the stick gets stuck on a corner, and for others the buttons are getting stuck in place after just a few minutes of abuse. Hori must really know their sticks because I've yet to encounter any kind of experience like that with the…

More Video from the Street Fighter IV Launch Party

Also, some other video of Street Fighter IV being played by X-Play

One observation I've made with most of these videos is how players seem to have stuck with the older way of playing Street Fighter games; I haven't seen many who are using Focus Attacks more or FADC tactics. But I think that's a good thing, because players are having fun with the game and not really worrying about executing complicated maneuvers or advanced tactics. I'm certainly enjoying it online, while the players are still there. I hope a lot of them stick around.... ^_^

Street Fighter IV - Still Enjoying the Online Mode

Street Fighter IV is just too much fun online. So far I've only had a handful of really laggy games (maybe 4 or less) but for the most part, it's playable.

I haven't played that many Ranked Matches, so I don't really have that many Battle Points yet. I've seen some with 1,000BP already (or more). What makes Ranked Match tough is that the game will reduce your BP every time you lose. At some point I was down to 70+ BP so I really had to work my way back up.

I think that the game (for the Xbox 360 version, at least) actively looks for opponents when you play it in Arcade Mode and set match request feature to ON. I had a few hosts that left the lobby or removed me from the game when the network icon onscreen indicated it was too laggy. (sometimes I get removed even before the match starts). I'm surprised by that....why would they join my game to begin with if they can already see that their network connection to me isn't so good? Furthermore, sometimes the HOST …

Street Fighter IV - 'The Next Door - Indestructible' by EXILE

I found this on Youtube (best viewed in High Quality):

The Next Door - Indestructible

I can feel it coming over me
I feel it all around me
I've been waiting for this moment all my life it's my destiny
There's a fire deep inside of me
it's waiting to come out now
no matter what, no matter how, I know I'll make it through somehow

cuz when the road feels too long
I'll still be holding on
I'm gonna keep on going, I know I'll be strong

I wont let nobody break me down
nothings gonna stop me now
gonna gonna make gonna keep on going
the last man standing

I'm ready for whatever
I'm never giving up
nothing can break my spirit
cuz it's indestructible

can't explain it, it's incredible
the strength I feel inside me
nothing is impossible
I know I'll find my way
through a storm through the darkest night
whatever comes it's alright
Not gonna turn around I'm ready, for the future now

and when the road feels t…

High Level Play in Street Fighter IV (Videos)

I found this on youtube....insanely good SFIV players from Japan. I don't recall competing online against any players that play similarly to these guys. For even more videos, double-click any of the Youtube videos below to find more (the rest of the videos are listed on the right-side panel on

Hey, it's Itazan! Hehehe, met him during last year's World Cyber Games for Virtua Fighter 5.

Street Fighter IV: News on 'Championship Edition', T.Hawk, Deejay and More!

Spotted this news on forums, which found it on

Everyone's back for Street Fighter IV. Well, almost everyone. Notably missing from the cast are two Super Street Fighter II additions, Dee Jay and T.Hawk. Is there any chance of seeing these two in a future SFIV iteration?

An interview with producer Yoshinori Ono from a recent Famitsu that was posted in full today at, seems to suggest a big yes.

The magazine asked Ono about the possibility of the two missing fighters following their Super compatriots Cammy and Fei Long and being updated to full 3D form. Ono's response, surprisingly, was that they already have undergone the conversion! The characters have already been developed into to pre-texturing 3D models. For T.Hawk, the developers even went so far as to come up with plans for how the character would fight in SFIV.

Ono didn't say why the two didn't make the final …

Challenge Mode Tip for Ryu (Level 4)

I'm having a hard time with this level of Ryu's challenge mode:

Jump - Heavy punch
Heavy Kick
Shinku Hadoken

I couldn't pull it off at all. Luckily I found a really good tip on neogaf to do this right:

Jump, press heavy punch, then roll the first hadoken stick motion (D, DF, F). BUT don't press punch yet. Press heavy kick first to get the axe kick. When the first hit for the axe kick connects, roll the second hadoken motion (D, DF, F) and then press P. You should be able to combo into the Shinku Hadoken.

I'll give this a try later and see if it works.

EDIT: I just tried it. It works....but it takes a lot of practice! I could only execute the second part (heavy kick->shinku hadoken) but the first part (jump heavy punch) going into the second part takes a bit of work. It does look spectacular when you pull it off; and best of all, it can't be blocked once the first hit goes in.

Street Fighter IV US TV Ad - "Let's Do This!"

For best effect, watch it in HD!

I wish they put the song from the US TV commercial in the game, too. I enjoyed listening to Exile's "The Next Door - Indestructible", which is the song playing during the intro of Street Fighter IV; but this song would be nice to throw in the mix when you're viewing the menus as well.

Capcom made some really great choices for the music for Street Fighter IV :D Another favorite of mine is the theme when you're battling in the Volcano stage.

Street Fighter IV - "A New Warrior Has Entered The Ring!"

"A New Warrior Has Entered The Ring!"

This feature for online play in Street Fighter's genius. Just genius. Capcom was just brilliant for putting in this feature.

If you haven't heard yet, SF4 lets you set up Arcade mode in such a way that you can be interrupted by other online players and thus be challenged to online matches. You get prompted that 'A New Warrior Has Entered The Ring!' and then you're brought to the setup screen, where you can prepare your match.

I'm surprised no other developers have thought of implementing online matchmaking for fighting games this way. This is just absolutely perfect. You can practice your combos on the A.I. while waiting for a match, and the game does all the work for you! I'm not really sure if SF4 actively 'finds' other SF4 games on Xbox Live and just matches you in the background, or if getting in a match is the result of someone else finding 'you' online via the Xbox Live option on the…

Street Fighter IV - Online Play and A.I. Impressions

Today I decided to turn on the ability of Street Fighter IV to interrupt my Arcade Mode matches with online challenges. You can choose either PLAYER MATCH or RANKED MATCH for this mode, which is good, because I just wanted to try it, and didn't really want my account smeared with losses on my very first try.

I will say, originally I wasn't too confident about the netcode for Street Fighter IV. Virtua Fighter 5 had great netcode but occasionally it would give me bad connections. It's just something you get accustomed to when playing online.

That said, around 7 wins and 2 losses later, using different characters (not just my favorite ones) I came to the conclusion that Street Fighter IV has the best netcode there is for a fighting game. Period.

It's really cool to get that 'A NEW CHALLENGER HAS ENTERED THE RING!' prompt for the game. It's that same feeling you get at the arcade when all of the sudden some stranger decides to put in a token and press START on you… Forums Hammered On Eve of SF4 Release

With all the excitement surrounding Street Fighter IV, seems to be getting hammered.

I surely hope that the fighting game genre gets reinvigorated by this game. On the Philippine front, it would really help the cause if local arcades had Street Fighter IV available. That way, people without Xbox 360s or Playstation 3s would be able to enjoy this great game as well....and maybe it would encourage more players to take the plunge with today's current generation game consoles, too. Even players who have the home version would benefit from an arcade edition of Street Fighter IV, because it would let them challenge other players on a level playing field (no lag!)

Here's an idea for Capcom: they should add a team element of some kind to Street Fighter IV, where you can form groups of fighting game players, and every time a person on the team wins, the entire clan gets some new trophies or medals or access to other cool in-game things. I just thought that if the…

Street Fighter IV - Move Shortcuts for New Players

I found these tips here:

Not everyone can pull off a Dragon punch easily. Apparently, Capcom put in something (since Street Fighter III) which should ease the burden of learning for new players.

To execute a dragon punch, the instructions say you have to press these:
Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Any Punch Button

There is also a shortcut for executing the dragon punch:

Down-Forward, Down-Forward + Any Punch Button

This should help for players who are really having trouble executing Forward, Down, Down-forward on their controllers. The trick isn't limited just to the Dragon Punch; any other moves which use the same directions as the Dragon Punch can also benefit from the shortcut.

Also, this trick works even for moves which require pushing the directions in reverse. For instance:

Back, Down, Down-Back + Punch/Kick button can be executed as Down-Back, Down-Back + Punch/Kick button.

There are also other shortcuts. For example, to execute the…

Character Tiers: Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV - "Focus Attack Dash Cancel/FADC", the New Obsession

A video demonstration of it is here. Fast forward to 4:24 to watch how FADC works:

To explain what a 'Focus Attack Dash Cancel' is, let me explain what a Focus attack is.

You press Mid Punch and Mid Kick at the same time to do a Focus Attack. This lets you counter some singular hit attacks, like a Fireball or a straight punch/kick. Occasionally you could use it to block special moves, so long as it's a move that only hits you once (Note, this is based on my own observation; not sure if there's a focus attack that could block a multi-hit attack like Ken's Dragon Punch).

If you hold down the mid punch and mid kick buttons long enough, you will strike a far stronger Focus Attack. The stronger it is, the more likely you can get your opponent to crumple (they'll stoop over and fall down). The time where your opponent is stooping over and falling gives you a chance to juggle your opponent, or hit them again with either a special move or another regular strike.

You can im…


Watching, and playing Street Fighter IV in person is a completely different experience from just downloading a video off Gametrailers or other gaming sites and just watching it. Something about the game just feels so fluid, expressive and alive. Me and my wife were talking about it and we came to the same conclusion:

The animation of Street Fighter IV is the star of the show.

You could take any screenshot of SF4 and complain about how the graphics don't look like it's previous predecessors; or how it doesn't look 'anime' enough. If you paused the game and looked at the design of the character models, it does seem more westernized than past Street Fighter titles.

But it's when the character models in the game start moving that it starts feeling like a Japanese-made game. The animation is just incredible.

There's Virtua Fighter 5's realistic animation---and there's Street Fighter 4's animation, which is just....something else.

It's cartoony...perha…

God of War III Extended Trailer

Found this on Kotaku today, the full trailer for God of War III. I wonder if it's on PSN...

EDIT: I found a slightly sharper version of the trailer on this link:

HD Trailers available on Gametrailers and Gamevideos:


Info from the latest issue of Famitsu and Degenki

Taken from NEOGAF:

*Of interest to me is the Star Ocean 4 review, which cites the game's length of 50 hours ^_^

Review Scores

[NDS] Machi no Pet-Ya-San DS 2: Wannyan 333-Hiki Daishuugou! 2 5766
[NDS] The World of Golden Eggs: Nori Nori Uta Dekichatte Kei 8666
[NDS] SimAnimals 7777
[NDS] Shining Force Feather 8888
[NDS] Lock's Quest 8788
[NDS] Saru Saru DS 7878
[NDS] Simple DS Series Vol. 46: The Hikyou Tankentai: Choutoko Special 6555
[NDS] Chou Gekijoban Keroro Gunsou: Gekishin Dragon Warriors de Arimasu! 8788
[PSP] Idolmaster SP 7888

[Wii] SimAnimals 6766
[PS2] Shinjuku no Ookami 4743
[PS2] Sacred Blaze 8878
[360] Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope 9988
- Play time about 50 hours
[360] Shooting Love, 200X 8777
[360] DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label Extra 8766
[PS3/360] Sonic World Adventure 9997

Degenki's Review
[PS3] Street Fighter IV 90 90 95 90
[PS2] Shinjuku no Ookami 70 70 70 60
[PS2] Sacred Blaze 85 75 85 65
[PSP] Tenchu 4 90 80 70 75
[PSP] Idolm…

Funny Video: Sony Defense Force

Take it in good humor; it just makes fun of the ones who are just too extremely passionate about their Playstation 3's.

There's nothing wrong about pointing out what Sony has done wrong with this generation. One can still own a Playstation 3 and still see Sony for their flaws. Every hardware maker has their faults when it comes to dealing with their customers. A person who can't see the problems of the hardware maker of their preferred console of choice--those are what you call fanboys.

Actually I also extend the term "fanboys" to those who are overtly critical of others' opinions on forums online, to the point that they resort to personal attacks just to prove their point, or have the last word. That's just my personal definition of it, though. Those are the kind of people that aren't worth wasting time discussing things with. You could do better things with your time than to convince someone to think the same way as you do.

January 2009 NPD US Hardware/Software Sales Figures


PlayStation 2 101.2K
PlayStation 3 203.2K
PSP 172.3K
Xbox 360 309K
Wii 679.2K
Nintendo DS 510.8K

LEFT 4 DEAD (360) 243K
SKATE 2 (360) 199K

(*includes CE, GOTY editions, bundles, etc. but not those bundled with hardware)


Nintendo continues to dominate the charts.

Why should you care about game hardware/software sales in the US? Because it tells you what direction the game industry is going in the near future. It tells you where to spend your money so that you won't be stuck with a game console with little to no games, because developers will always decide to make games with the best installed base. Of course, you have to couple your decision with your preference in games, and sometim…

PINOY GAMERS: Clips from Season 3, Episode 4

Youtube Videos for the TV Show 'Pinoy Gamers' will be posted here soon.

Pinoy Gamers, sponsored by Gamehopper, airs on Thursdays, 10:00 PM on Makisig Network Channel 76 on Sky Cable. Check with your cable operator on what channel Makisig Network is on, if your cable network is not Sky Cable.

Re-runs of the latest episode of Pinoy Gamers are usually shown throughout the week at different times. Check at 4PM or at 10PM to possibly catch the replay of this show on TV.

EDIT: It's 8:00 in the morning today and I saw the re-run of this episode on Makisig Network now. So I guess it's safe to assume that the show also airs a re-run of the most current episode at 8:00AM everyday.
Episode 4 Features:

Halo Wars Preview
Gaming News This Week
Final Fantasy XIII English Subtitled Trailer for the Xbox 360
Take a Tour of XBX Interactive, an Xbox-themed Network Gaming Place in Katipunan

Super Street Fighter II HD Remix Review
Killzone 2 Preview

You can e-mail Pinoy Gamers via…

Excerpt from 'Watchmen'.

Massive Spoiler About The Watchmen Movie Ending... *SPOILER ALERT*


I was reading this thread on NEOGAF, I cannot believe they're bastardizing the original ending to 'The Watchmen' in the upcoming movie!

That's just DISASTROUS! No wonder Alan Moore is not supportive of the upcoming movie.


Moving On: Thanks Pinoyxbox ^_^

I left the comments section of this blog closed and for good reason.

Because the Internet's anonymity just brings out the absolute WORST in people.

Today me and my wife retired our tenure as moderators on, because it seems that there are people on the forum who do not want us to continue with our efforts to keep the forum discussions civil and friendly.

I will say this: there are good people in the Pinoyxbox community, too. First off, I'd like to thank people like Fafa Roland, Kantoboy, GM, Yakisoba and RDPeralta for being so nice to us and for letting us be moderators, even if they only met us one day at one of the tournaments they ran; a chance encounter that perhaps changed all our lives.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for letting us be moderators, even if just for a few years. We don't expect anything in return; we just enjoyed our stay there and we're grateful that you guys have trusted us to let us manage the daily concerns of the forum.

To be…