Sunday, February 22, 2009

Street Fighter IV Exhibits Exceptional Online Play Performance!

As a player from the Philippines, I'm no longer surprised when I usually get horrible degrees of lag in my online games. However, that isn't the case with Street Fighter IV. Despite my relatively not-so-good PLDT MyDSL Plan 999, with its paltry upload speed averaging around 200-400 kbps, STREET FIGHTER IV manages to give me fantastic performance in my online games. And I can prove it, through my online statistics and achievements I've gained in Street Fighter IV's Online Mode.

Here's a SpeedTest I ran just now, if I was connecting to someone in New York, USA.

Upload speed is the important thing when it comes to online games. My upload speed is pretty bad; but it manages to get me some great performance in Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360.

Los Angeles, USA.

London, UK.


Brisbane, Australia.

Yokohama, Japan.

I'm positive I played against one guy in Singapore because I checked one of my opponent's gamertags. I had a GREEN connection icon when I played against that player.

I got in a lot of games this morning, and unlocked a lot of achievements :) Unfortunately it's pretty hard to get a ranked match probably because I'm in the Philippines and when people see my Network Connection icon, I don't get requests to matches. I was playing Arcade Mode with Ranked Match set to ON and I think I only got 2 opponents, and 1 worthy one (who had more than 1,600 battle points). Thankfully I won against both :)

Finally got a lot of the Xbox Live Online Battle achievements!

Since it was pretty tough to get in a ranked game, I set the Request Match setting to Player Match instead. I got tons of games in through that mode. A lot of players played against me even if my connection was red. Even if the connection indicator was red, I think my opponents were enjoying the game (probably not experiencing lag) because they kept on asking for rematches. I played against one guy for 10 consecutive times using different characters like Guile and Chun-Li. I guess that attests to the beauty of this game, that one can learn multiple characters quite easily since the moveset is much smaller than the today's other modern fighting games. Also, I'm constantly amazed at the netcode for this game. Basically, even if the connection on my end is bad, I'm getting in some really great matches and wins don't seem to boil down to luck :) This is really a great online fighting game and I'm still in disbelief as to how Capcom managed to pull off the netcode for this game. Absolutely fantastic!

Finally got the 1,000 medals achievement!

Character Win Rates. Only Ryu, Guile and Chun-Li are really relevant in these stats since those are the only three I use heavily online.

Very occasionally I've used Akuma and Sagat, too. Could never get around to figuring out the grapplers Abel and Zangief. Maybe next time...

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