Thursday, February 05, 2009

THE REMATCH: Virtua Fighter 5 WCG Philippines 2008 Finalists

These videos are a series of rematches between the two finalists from the WCG Philippines 2008 Tournament for Virtua Fighter 5. These games were played over XBOX LIVE. I'm using Jacky while Ismael is using Akira. In these set of rematches, Ismael won a *LOT* more matches than me :( So I suppose you could say that Ismael got his revenge hahaha!

I did have a lot of fun because the matches weren't so laggy (we were both on PLDT) compared to my usual experience on XBL playing against opponents from other countries.

I was able to record only 4 replays of our rematches; two of the matches were wins from me, while the other two were his wins. I'll be uploading some more in the days to come.

NOTE: Fully retiring myself from the world of competitive gaming; no longer planning on joining any international competitions. I am interested in helping find future champions, though :) Never retiring from playing VF just for fun; more and more, it's becoming my favorite fighting game of all time!

NOTE#2: For players eager to play Virtua Fighter 5 but don't have an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3, you can find an arcade machine of the game in TIMEZONE GLORIETTA 4 or World of Fun SM Megamall Basement Level. There may be more out there; but so far, those are the only places where I've found VF5 Arcade machines.

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