Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ode to my Hori EX2 Fighting Stick!

This stick has survived a Virtua Fighter 5 tournament for the World Cyber Games, a Soulcalibur IV tournament, my own personal moments of frustration (when losing and banging on the stick after an atrocious defeat) and all sorts of wear and tear. I may have spent more for it because I imported it (gee, thanks Philippine Bureau of Customs :grr:) but I think I got my money's worth, considering it survived all the abuse I've given it.

It may look 'cheap' and it doesn't have a fancy graphic on the front face, but it lasts. It worked out of the box when I bought it, and it still works great today.

Just posting this because I saw on some forums that some of the Mad Catz Standard Street Fighter Sticks are having some kind of defect issues where the stick gets stuck on a corner, and for others the buttons are getting stuck in place after just a few minutes of abuse. Hori must really know their sticks because I've yet to encounter any kind of experience like that with the one I have.

Maybe there really is something to what people say about Japanese engineering...;)

I heard that this stick is just $40 or cheaper in some places in the US. It's still a great buy even without the fancy stickers because it's proven to be durable. In Manila, one can get this stick from most branches of I-Tech (the one in Market Market and the other one in Greenhills/Mr. Dynamic has sticks available). Unfortunately Data Blitz doesn't carry any of these sticks (not even the Mad Catz ones or the special game pads).

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