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Sony Admits Their Success is Because of Piracy

The truth is out.

Tetsuhiko Yasuda, managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, told reporters at the Taipei Game Show that the company is not yet ready to begin marketing its PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system.

"We want to be completely prepared when we bring PlayStation 3 to the marketplace," Yasuda said. "Our No. 1 competition is not other companies but counterfeiters. We want to work with governments to stop this."

Broke the 3:51:250 barrier on Rave City Riverfront R

Unbelievable, I just broke the 3:51:250 barrier on Rave City Riverfront R with the Himmel EO, the slowest car in the game. From rank 7 I've bumped back up to five, and I'm in striking distance of the number one spot in Ridge Racer 6 Global Time Attack. I think I already know how to beat the number one guy...his time is 3:49:911 (something like that.) I only need two more seconds!

If I make it, I'll be the first Himmel EO driver to reach the number one spot on the leaderboard....if not, well, this will be a funny post to look back on, one day.

Xbox Fans and the Obssession with Realism

Recently I commented on Xboxyde on a worrying trend in the Xbox Community. Blimblim recently gave these comments for a Rumble Roses XX trailer:

"Konami released yet another Rumble Roses XX trailer. As always it moves very well until they show some actual gameplay. Someone should really tell the developers that this game should not use the moon's gravity."

And this is what I said:

It is disheartening that the only standard that some xbox fans seem to have is realism. If a game isn't realistic, it sucks. That seems to be the only motivating factor for most xbox fans to like or hate a game, and that's so unfortunate. It's a fighting game, there are bound to be some things that won't be 'like real life'. Xbox fans complain that developers aren't making innovative games for the system, when actually developers have tried to make those kinds of games for the platform, but the fans themselves don't support the more creative titles (Jet Set Radio, Pa…

Western Gamers and Eastern Gamers on RR6 Xbox Live

For the past few months that I've been playing Ridge Racer 6 online, I've noticed that there is quite a difference between playing against Western (US, UK, France) gamers and playing against Eastern gamers (Chinese, Japanese). In almost every game that I play against Westerners, the players are more aggressive, resorting to dirty tactics like hard bumps and causing you to crash into walls. At the starting grid, the first thing that happens after the announcer says GO, is that the cars start hitting each other, as if the game was Burnout: Takedown. Later on, if you try to overtake another player, western gamers do more than just hit you. They actually try to take you out of the race. They hit you furiously just to get you to crash into the wall or slow you down.

The funny thing is, Ridge Racer 6 doesn't really penalize you that much when you get hit. Unlike Project Gotham Racing 3, where getting hit can cause you to spin out and essentially be out of the race, in Ridge Racer…

Playstation 3: The Living Room’s Swiss Army Knife

Only a few more months until Sony unleashes the PS3 to the gaming populace.While they have not officially announced anything, its pretty safe to assume that Sony HAS to release soon in order to keep up with the XBOX 360 and the pending Nintendo Revolution.Back at E3 2005, Sony has shown nothing but tech demos and CGI movies of their upcoming PS3 games.Actual gameplay shots and footages have been rare despite the fact that nearly a year has passed since the announcement of the console.But what bothers me, as a gamer, was what Sony has been trying to push for the last year with regard to the PS3.And they haven’t pushed gaming that much at all.Instead we get a hefty news about Blu-Ray, the Cell Processor and other what not.I’m not going to go into detail about Blu-Ray or the Cell but the only thing I can say about it is that they’re both relatively new hardware.Blu-Ray is meant to be the next-generation movie disk format.While the Cell is a chip built to be able to do several functions r…

I'm now 4TH PLACE! Global Time Attack, Class 4, Rave City Riverfront R!

A few days ago I was able to accomplish what I previously thought impossible:

TIME: 3:53:415

Bisontes, EAT MY DUST! LOL

I should have posted this here when I got that achievement, so I could determine how long it would take before someone would beat my record. But right now, I'm happy that I've set a hell of a record time using what many consider as the SLOWEST CAR in Ridge Racer 6!

Personally, the fact that I've accomplished THAT with the slowest car is the proof of the DEPTH that Namco has put into the gameplay of that racing game!