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Binary Domain joins the list of great Sega games no one bought

Playing this game during the week and really enjoying it.

- the characters are really entertaining. They seem to be written like RPG archetypes which is interesting in a Gears of War type of game
- Not using the voice feature in the game because of my living situation at home (don't wake the baby!)
- Action is really hectic and fun, it feels like a good old Japanese shoot em up with a TPS mixed in

I read somewhere this sold well below 100k which makes me feel really bad for Sega. They churn out great work like this, and it never sells.... so strange, really. I guess they can't (afford to) buy review outlets like the big Western game makers can.

M.Bison / Juri - The Raw Launcher is Very Useful

M.Bison pulls a last second save (Street Fighter X Tekken)

That Mass Effect 3 Ending (spoilers!)

Just finished Mass Effect 3 in about two days (20 hours). Rushed through it like a Call of Duty game. That said I went in there assuming the worst, with all the negative feedback the game has been getting.

For some reason I enjoyed it. A lot. I enjoyed it without the hype, without the marketing, without hoping for some kind of mind-blowing revelation at the end. The game, by itself is so well crafted. It has some issues here and there like every other game (the cover system needs work) but that's about it. Overall, this still has what made the other two games great, particularly the dialogue system and the fantastic cutscenes. With this game, the cutscenes reach a level well beyond Square Enix's efforts with their own JRPGs.

Now, to the main issue at hand (with most people anyway). The ending. I liked it. It's unfortunate people didn't like it, but based on what I've seen i think a lot of people are imagining going to conventions dressed up as characters from the s…