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Possible Alan Wake movie?

Why not? But for now let's content ourselves with this...

No that's not a trailer for a movie...neither is it fan made. It's the OFFICIAL MTV from the Poets of the Fall song 'War' which was also featured in the Alan Wake videogame. You only get to hear the song in the game through a radio but its a very nice song! The interesting thing about the MTV is that it shows the scenes from the game as a live action movie! I love the way the scenes were cut and the direction of the MTV.
Poets of the Fall also played the songs from the 'Old Gods of Asgard', the guys in the game. The moment 'Children of the Elder God' plays is in the game perhaps the best part of the game for me!

Dawn of the Android China MIDs

This is my obsession for the week...MIDs! So how in the world did I get started with this? It's rather simple, I was reviewing for an exam, reading eBooks and tons of websites. Of course this meant I had to review using my laptop and after an hour or two you do get a crick on your neck. At the back of my mind, I was thinking, wouldn't it be great to have an iPad for occasions like this? Sure it would but I certainly won't shell out around PHP 20-40K for something like that. Finally news about the Chinese iPad knockoffs caught my attention.From what I've seen most of these iPad knockoffs or rather MIDs have a similar trait:Cheap looking plastic casingsMost are underpowered with around 600-800 Mghz processor speedRAM falls short normally around 128 MBROM is expandable using SD cardsThey are mostly using Google's Android with some units running Windows CE
or Windows 7THE PRICE IS DEFINITELY CHEAP COMPARED TO THE IPAD!Let me get one thing straight, thi…

iPed? Apad? Spec Sheet Galore!

When Former Senator Richard ‘Dick’ Gordon ran for the recent Philippine Presidential Elections, I clearly remember him flashing an Amazon Kindle during one of his speeches.His idea of having an ebook reader for public schools to address the lack of books was quite appealing.Although at that time, knowing that the Kindle had a hefty price tag, the idea seemed improbable.Apple soon followed suit and developed the iPad but being Apple, you pay for the name more than the actual product, the price was just as hefty as the Amazon Kindle.But Apple started a trend, which seems like they may face a losing battle when it comes to price.As Apple announced that the iPad will soon go global, China finally steps up to the plate and began releasing its ‘fake’ iPads.Sure the Apple fans have began dismissing the product as a cheap knock-off…but hold on for a minute…If you are going to use only certain features to surf the internet, read eBooks, watch an occasional movie or two…the iPed can definitely …