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It's The Controls, Stupid

In my humble opinion, Sony did an average to good job with their Playstation 4 press conference today. I was impressed with some things that they featured, while there were also things that felt more of the same. But I didn't think they did a terrible job. I do believe they may be saving most of their information for E3 2013. A lot of what they showed were games and tech demos, but notably the console itself was not present at the event.

My wife and I were talking about this and for both of us it was a pretty big deal that they didn't show the console. I was primarily impressed with the video recording/streaming features....a lot of people play online to an audience via UStream, and the new PS4 will make it a lot easier for them to do that. It was impressive on a technological have it rendering a game with all the effects and at the same time have it record your gameplay. I have a feeling this will also be the way they will stream gameplay to the PSVita if you plan…

The Next Intergalatic Console War. Part I.

In about 15 days, the next Playstation is going to be unveiled.

It's hogwash to think Sony is not going to show anything. They've already sent a lot of cryptic tweets and posted a lot of telling blog posts. This is it people.

Based on everything I heard, on paper, PS4 is going to be an awesome console:

- Better online functionality
- Some kind of video recording will be built in
- Better graphics (as expected)

I don't know what their launch games will be, though. Their first parties have been pretty quiet. A lot say it's going to be GT6, some Uncharted game....we'll see. In terms of games, I don't know what to be excited about. In terms of system specs, sounds good.

The next Xbox---practically no real info. Of course they will say the usual improvement will be on the graphics side. The rumors point to built in Kinect functionality. It's a cute feature that I haven't tried....didnt bother buying the Kinect for the 360. Well, at least I can try it now. Th…

From Ultraviolence To Rainbow Colors

They say when you have a baby it changes everything. For some people it means giving up the things you used to love. And I would read a lot about people who would drop gaming the moment they have children. I think I was close to doing the same. It's not that I didn't want to's the time commitment of games that kills it for potential-parent gamers.

And that other thing about games, is the violence. I'd be the first to tell you that chainsawing a guy in Gears of War is endlessly fun; but try doing the same thing with your baby in the room, particularly if he's old enough to figure out what's happening...well, games have gotten realistic enough that game violence can be pretty ridiculous now. There's that video, i think it's on Youtube, of "The Last Of Us" where the lead character shoots another human being right in the face; this whole moment rendered in glorious 1080p with super sharp textures and everything. We're practically TH…