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Want Marvel Vs. Capcom 3? Buy Marvel Vs. Capcom 2!

Just reading around the capcom-unity forums, and I found an interesting tidbit there about the possibility of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ever getting made:
Question: I remember back then when people here said Capcom can't release MVC2 because EA currently has the rights for Marvel fighters and it won't happen until later in the future. So my question is did EA's rights finally expire and Capcom aquired it back? Or did Capcom figure out a way around it to make this happen? Either way I must tell Capcom, nice job!

Answer from Sven at Capcom: The MvC2 deal pertains ONLY to MvC2. Anything that happens beyond that will be contingent upon MvC2's performance (and naturally, Marvel has considerable say in that decision too).

In response to this message:

They [Electronic Arts] did not get the rights back. This is pretty common knowledge.

A moderator o…

1UP Reveals PSP Go! Coming this Fall

Sony is supposedly releasing a new version of their PSP, called the 'PSP Go!'. The most interesting thing about it is that it does NOT have a UMD drive anymore; all its games will play off internal storage.

1UP provided an 'artist rendition' of what the PSP Go! might look like. They seem fairly certain that this news item is very real. For more info, check out this link:

The Year of the Fighter Continues: Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur Broken Destiny Announced for PSP

Some interesting announcements today: both Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur IV are coming to the Playstation Portable (with SC4 being somewhat of a 'sequel', titled: Soulcalibur Broken Destiny)

Tekken 6 is supposedly coming out alongside the console versions, while Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is coming out Summer 2009 (which means some time June-August this year).


Tekken 6 for PSP Announced:

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny details:

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Announced for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network!

Capcom's worst kept secret is finally out, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is going to be re-released as an Xbox Live Arcade / Playstation Network downloadable game! From

One of the most celebrated fighting games in history is coming back for another round! Check out the first teaser trailer, art and details for “Marvel vs. Capcom 2″!

Nine years after taking the arcade gaming scene by storm and over six years after making its original home console debut, “Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes” returns! Slated to hit Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade and PS3’s PSN, expect the same fast, furious and fantastic gameplay you loved with even more awesome online head-to-head action!

The game comes complete with widescreen mode and online play so get your warpneto’s ready for hot action. Thanks for the video!

Here's the teaser trailer:

Street Fighter IV Championship Mode Impressions

The Championship Mode Update for SFIV was released yesterday night about 5PM Philippine Time. It was active early on for PSN; while Xbox Live users could get it at the same time as Playstation 3 owners, they could only use the update some time late in the evening. I've played a bit of this new mode and I am impressed by the effort Capcom put into it. I like how it doesn't deduct points when you're starting out and you lose to other players of the same rank. I do know that point deductions occur some time later in higher levels of play.

That said, the competition on Championship at this time is quite fierce, perhaps because the players in the lower tiers are just starting to climb up. That means low tier and high tier players are mixed all in level 3-E. So if you're planning to play the new mode, be ready to lose a lot....I sure did.

I do like how they give the matches a 'tournament' feel. Essentially this is just a different way of implementing ranked matches---a…

WCG Fighter Club in the US : A Microcosm Which Tells You Which Game Players Want To Play Competitively

Just going around online and made an interesting observation on this site here:

The number of competitors which signed up is freely viewable via each game's "COMPETITORS" link. In summary:

Virtua Fighter 5

Active Players: 64 Waiting Players: 13 Total Players: 77

Dead or Alive 4

Active Players: 64 Waiting Players: 20 Total Players: 84

Soulcalibur IV

Active Players: 80
Waiting Players: 21
Total Players: 101

Street Fighter IV

Active Players: 186 Waiting Players: 65 Total Players: 251

Clearly, when someone on the WCG committee picked Virtua Fighter 5 over Street Fighter IV or Soulcalibur IV, they dropped the ball, BIG TIME. Because if the WCG cares about getting sponsors, who are interested in seeing huge crowds watching competitive games, it's clear from those numbers that they picked the WRONG FIGHTING GAME for this year. Again, I've got nothing but respect for VF5 and it's technical fighting system,but there's no doubt that it just can&#…

Street Fighter IV Championship Mode - "Power Up Pack" Out Now

The Street Fighter IV Championship Mode - "Power Up Pack" is now available on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. For PSN it's a free update which will be prompted when you play the game, while for Xbox Live, you can get the update from the Game Marketplace (check the 'New arrivals' menu to find it). I wonder why the Xbox Live version is not a required update? Hmm....

According to Xbox Live, it weighs in at about 16.40 MB. :)

Yet Another Interview With Japanese Pros Daigo and Iyo - This Time from Capcom

A lot more organized and interesting compared to the previous interview. Here's an excerpt:

Shino: What is it that keeps you playing SFIV? What’s so fun about it?

Iyo: Well, I could not win when I first started to play. I was so bad at it.
So many good players who are also my friends I met through playing Capcom vs. SNK2 started to play SFIV. So I naturally got introduced to the game. But it was October while all the other strong players had been playing since July. I started late. It’s not an excuse but I just could not win. So I started play more seriously. Definitely when I finally won though, I felt the joy. I’ve been enjoying the game ever since. You get to play with so many strong players, and that’s fun.

Daigo: Like I said earlier, it’s just so great to have a large player pool. Even if a game is great, if you don’t have anyone to play with, then it’s just no fun. So, having the huge community like what it has is just a great fun factor.

Daigo: I do have to say that I’m impresse…

Street Fighter IV Championship Mode Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow's April 24th over here, so at some point during the day, the Street Fighter IV Championship Mode Update will be released. Based on experience with past updates on Xbox Live, I have a good feeling it will be out after 4:00PM tomorrow afternoon Philippine time. So I wouldn't be expecting the update until then.

As for Playstation Network, being relatively new to the service, I wouldn't know when it will be up and running there. Maybe it will be at the same time as XBL, we'll have to see.

I hope there'll be other surprises too....for instance, replay mode should be allowed even for offline matches (I really hope this happens) and for any matches you're interested in saving to your local HDD from online play. We'll only find this out tomorrow when the update is finally released.

Capcom Hosting European Street Fighter IV Official Tournament!

Heads up for European gamers (in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) on the heels of the success of the US, Korean and Japanese Street Fighter IV tournaments, Capcom is hosting yet another tournament, this time, to find the "Ultimate European Street Fighter Supreme Master." (Hey, that's an exact quote from the official website for the European Tournament here! I couldn't possibly come up with a title that epic.)

The platform for the tournament will be the Xbox 360, and I think it will be done via Xbox Live (according to the site, they'll be monitoring the registered players' performances online). At some point they'll pick out finalists and perhaps that's when they'll have a live event for it (just my guess).

I wonder...will there ever be a South East Asian Street Fighter IV Tournament? Gah, if only there were arcade machines for SFIV here in the Philippines, then maybe interest in the game wouldn't be limited to console owners like…

Interview with Daigo from IPlayWinner

Found this on youtube, which references
as the source for it (Interview Transcript below, as posted on the youtube link).

A transcript was also posted:

1st Question from Anthony: How does the competition in Japan compare to the United States?

Daigo/Shino: There are more competitors in the USA but more "number 1's" gather in Japan... (?).. and he hopes to see more people later on.. there are more fans that gather here and gives them the opportunity to do their best.

[iPlayWinner Notes: Seems he doesnt really know about the competition in the USA yet but likes the fact that there are so many fans and people looking to play it so it will help people get better.]

2nd Question:
Richard Li: Who is your biggest threat in Japan and who is your biggest threat in Japan?

Shiuno: In this game?

Richard Li: Yes Street Fighter 4.

Daigo: Dosent know the big players in USA so has no answer, but dosent know who his main threat is in Japan either.

Richard Li: What about Iy…

Videos from the Gamestop Street Fighter IV US National Finals

Shaky-cam quality but some of them are pretty sharp.

US National Finals: Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Mike Ross (E.Honda)

After the final match, where Justin Wong was determined as the Street Fighter IV 2009 Gamestop Tournament USA Champion, the following exhibition matches were held. This was between the following players:

Poongko - SF4 Champion from Korea
Iyo - SF4 Champion from Japan
Daigo - Street Fighter Legend, check this link...
Justin Wong - who just recently won the US championship for SF4

Exhibition Matches:

Iyo (Dhalsim) vs. Poongko (Ryu)

Another angle (same match):

Poongko (Ryu) vs. Daigo (Ryu)

Poongko (Ryu) vs. Justin Wong (Rufus)

Iyo (Dhalsim) vs Daigo (Ryu) *** BEST MATCH OF THE NIGHT! ***

Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Iyo (Dhalsim)

Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Daigo (Ryu)

Street Fighter IV US National Finals Results

This was posted on Eventhubs:

Perhaps Daigo truly is the best Street Fighter player in the world today. Yeah, he didn't win the Japanese Nationals (and yeah, the matches he played in were Exhibition matches only), but it must be something to just plow through the best players in the world just like that.

And he beat the US champ 4-0, which is just insane. Can anyone overthrow "the Beast"?

Finals Match
• Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Mike Ross (E. Honda). Justin Wong won 4-1 in the best of 7 set.

World Finals

The Street Fighter IV World Finals featured the following players:

Daigo Umehara, also known as, The Beast. Simply put, a Street Fighter legend.

Iyo who recently won the Japanese National SFIV tournament.

Poongko who won the Korean SFIV National Tournament and is known for playing an extremely aggressive style of play.

Justin Wong who is regarded as one of the best fighting game players around,…

Street Fighter IV US NATIONAL FINALS Tomorrow!

The Street Fighter IV US NATIONAL FINALS is some time tomorrow (Philippine time; April 18 7-11PM US Pacific Time)! I sure hope there'll be streaming video of the event somewhere out there on the Internet.

The matches I'm looking forward to are the ones between the US champions and the Japanese and Korean champions (Daigo, Poongko and Iyo). Those will be very entertaining to watch! I know those will be exhibition matches but it will be a good preview for the upcoming EVO2009 Championship Series this year.

NPD Sales for March 2009 - More Detailed View

Found this on Kotaku: , which found it on Wired :

Top 20 Games Overall:


Street Fighter IV FREE CHAMPIONSHIP MODE for Xbox 360 and PS3 Next Week (April 24)!

Capcom has finally revealed full details on the upcoming FREE CHAMPIONSHIP MODE for Street Fighter IV, for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3!

Replay mode! Championship tournaments for players of all levels! This is going to be great!

If there's anything I'd hope for, I wish that Capcom would just make the features for PS3 and Xbox 360 exactly the same; no sense in making them different, unless it has something to do with the network infrastructure for both systems.

The full press release is below:

Championship Mode, in a nutshell, means hot tournament action and match replays that let you watch the best of the best. Championship Mode goes live for both PS3 and Xbox 360 on Friday, April 24, and it comes entirely FREE.

For anyone that wants more than will fit in a nutshell...


The tournaments offer a new take on classic SFIV competition. They are broken out into 5 different lev…

US NPD Sales Figures for March 2009 - Resident Evil 5 on Xbox 360 is Number 1

Data care of NPD Group

PlayStation 2 112K
PlayStation 3 218K
PSP 168K
Xbox 360 330K
Wii 601K
Nintendo DS 563K

RESIDENT EVIL 5* (360) 938K
HALO WARS* (360) 639K
MLB '09: THE SHOW (PS3) 305K

(*includes CE, GOTY editions, bundles, etc. but not those bundled with hardware)

The CD-R King USB Arcade Stick on the Playstation 3 - An Honest (But Not Cynical) Opinion

(*Pictures included below. I also have a picture of the BUTTON CONFIGURATION Screen for Street Fighter IV for the Playstation 3, configured for use with the CDR-King USB Arcade Stick. This will surely be useful for anyone considering to buy the CD-R King USB Arcade Stick. Mapping the buttons on the CD-R King stick can be quite tedious, with the way SFIV is set up for button mapping.)

I spent a (relatively) small amount of money on one of those generic USB Arcade Sticks that they're selling over in CD-R King (the stick cost PHP 550). The thing is, arcade sticks for the Playstation 3 have become extremely rare now that Street Fighter IV is out. Playing on the PS3 controller is workable, but gives me a sore left thumb.

It's one of the hassles of living in an 'unsupported' country that I haven't got any easy access to peripherals for game consoles. Even before SFIV came out, arcade sticks for any console here in the Philippines is extremely rare, and even if they do come…

Ok, So I Was Wrong, and WCG 2009 Picked Some More PC Games....

Admittedly I wrong to think that they would actually pick 2 more Xbox 360 games and one more PC game. I guess I thought that the US WCG site could be right, considering how dead serious the US is when it comes to gaming leagues.

The games they did pick, don't catch my interest at all.Here's the official press release.

Latest Titles for WCG 2009 are:

FIFA 09 (the only good choice in the latest press release....)

Carom3D (To be honest, it's more fun to watch this in real life.)

Red Stone ( MMORPG, I think? Ehh....)

Trackmania (Nice race tracks. Will this work competitively? Surprised they didn't pick an EA racing game.)

Three mobile games

Asphalt 4

Wise Star 2 (No video(s) found on youtube)

Dungeon & Fighter

Basically, yeah, I was totally wrong with all my predictions for WCG 2009, but damn, those choices that they made are not really the kind of games I'm interested to watch in a competition setting. The only choice which probably makes sense in that lineup is FIFA…

Windows Ads in the US

Just thought these were interesting....

...because they're true, for me. Macs are either too expensive or too feature limited. They've got great looks, though. But at the end of the day, practical usefulness is what matters more to me than being 'seen' with a particular gadget.

Street Fighter IV on Xbox Live Currently Unavailable - Championship Mode?

Tried to play some SFIV on Xbox Live today, and I couldn't get into any matches at all via matchmaking (no sessions found, and nobody would join in during arcade mode). I read reports online that the following message appears on people's gamertags:


....whenever they're playing SF4 online. Rumor has it that Capcom will be releasing the game's 'Championship Mode' soon, so maybe they're testing it out?

On the other hand, because Xbox Live was down, I resorted to playing Street Fighter IV on the Playstation Network. The game is still available for online play there, surprisingly.

Wall Street Journal Cites Weakening Sales for Nintendo In Japan

Just read about this in Kotaku:
The Wall Street Journal, following news of slowing sales for the Wii and Nintendo DS and a boost in "hardcore" games sales in Japan, says Nintendo is "beginning to look vulnerable" after years of success.

The Journal is referring, of course, to the most recent sales data from Japan, courtesy of sales trackers Enterbrain and Media Create, who show that Sony's PlayStation 3 has started to gain some ground against the Wii, where the contest between the Nintendo DS and PSP is a little more even.

While Sony's monthly domination of Nintendo on the console front may be temporary, video game sales declined in Japan some 18% last year, in contrast to another year of growth for the industry in the United States. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata chalks that up to a weaker market. And it's up to Nintendo to do something about it.

"The Japanese market is not very…

END OF ETERNITY: New JRPG for PS3 and Xbox 360 from Tri-Ace Announced

I got this from this Neogaf thread; news on a new JRPG from Tri-ace being published by SEGA and created by Tri-Ace. Apparently this is the JRPG which was being hinted at by back in April 1 (which some thought might have been an April Fools joke.) Well, apparently the game is real.

End of Eternity is coming to both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

From the NEOGAF Thread:

End of Eternity
- PS3/360
- Sega/Tri-Ace
- New RPG
- 2009 Winter
- Main character: Zaphyr (17 yr old), partner: Vashyron (26 yr old)
- Machinery gun battle seems to be the theme of the game?
- Experiment 20 (19 years old), the girl who parts with destiny
- semi-real time battle system
- machinery world setting
- 65% done
- Official Site:


Street Fighter Bar Fights - Videos for the First Set

High level SF4 play in the United States on display here, with the Street Fighter Bar Fights! For the first episode it's Ed Ma vs. Combofiend. A really great exhibition of SF4 may think you're good at SF4, but are you as good as these guys?


Ed Ma (mains Ken) vs. Combofiend (mains Balrog), part I

Ed Ma (mains Ken) vs. Combofiend (mains Balrog), part II

Dae & Bustabust vs. Keno and partner part I

Dae & Bustabust vs. Keno and partner part II

Turn out of players:

Feature on the bar fights:

I think there'll be more bar fights in the coming weeks.

Also visit and for more info on the emerging Street Fighter IV scene in the United States.

World Cyber Games 2009 Update - So, What Are The Last Remaining Games? (Speculation)

Note: The following post is just speculation on my part, nothing official has been announced at all. I just pieced together some information that I've been reading online, and this is what I came up with.

I've been following the news for the upcoming WCG 2009. As a participant from WCG 2008, I'm just curious about how they're going to have their competition this year. I'm NOT participating at all for this year, but I am curious, because I read on the Philippine WCG forum before it was taken down a few months ago that they are NOT going to include ANY of the first FIVE games announced already by :

- Guitar Hero World Tour (XBOX 360)
- Virtua Fighter 5 (XBOX 360)
- Counterstrike (PC)
- Starcraft Brood War (PC)
- Warcraft Frozen Throne (PC)

Again, based on what was posted on the forum which used to be available on, none of the above games are going to be part of WCG 2009 for the Philippines. That forum is no longer…

Sick Ryu Combos using an Xbox 360 Controller?

This guy claims he did these really hard Ryu combos using just the Xbox 360 default controller (Watch the ending of the video). Is he lying? Who knows. (I can hear some loud tapping in the background which sounds like an arcade stick.) In either case, the video's a pretty good showcase of Ryu skills.

Comments on the Playstation 3 Version of Street Fighter IV

I had to get a copy of Street Fighter IV for the Playstation 3 the other day (the reason why that happened is a very long story, so maybe I'll just save that for another time.). So now I have both the Xbox 360 version and the Playstation 3 version of Street Fighter IV. Anyhow, gave the game a spin today and just a few frustrations came along the way....

Online play seems to not work as well as the Xbox 360 version. I've had about 600+ matches on Xbox Live and I don't recall too many bad experiences playing online with it. Sure, there are probably those few matches where things didn't go that well on Xbox Live, but for the most part, the lag is minimal and I generally had a good experience on it. The best way to play on XBL is to just choose Arcade Mode and let the game take care of the rest (finding matches, etcetera.)

With the PS3, I've had my share of issues. For one thing, the game gets stuck on the VERSUS screen (the one before the actual match) for quite a long …

Street Fighter IV "Mini Game": Rose Ball

Taken from this link:
which got the video from the Street Fighter Bar Fights:

This is interesting, you can actually play Rose vs. Rose and reflect all day. I didn't think that was possible (thought the second reflect would just absorb the projectile or something), I've never tried Rose vs. Rose. But this makes for a seemingly interesting mini-game.

GAMEHOPPER @ Ozine FEST '09 - Final day....DAY 3!

Note: There are a lot of pics for this I decided to just put a link to the album if you want to see all of them.

Link to album: Ozine Fest '09 DAY 3

I will use some pics for the article below :)

Another spectacular day for Gamehopper as the third and final day for OZINE FEST '09 takes place at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2! Gamers from all walks of life gathered together to enjoy games such as SOULCALIBUR IV, STREET FIGHTER IV and SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii respectively.

On the Street Fighter IV front, at the start of the day both consoles had Street Fighter IV but due to popular demand for the Playstation 3 version, we focused the PS3 to SFIV and set the Xbox 360 to SC4. Many Pinoy gamers are really used to the Playstation controller and having Street Fighter IV on the PS3 was something that was asked from us at the booth, and we obliged accordingly. Of course, there were other gamers that just didn't bother with which con…