Monday, April 20, 2009

Interview with Daigo from IPlayWinner

Found this on youtube, which references
as the source for it (Interview Transcript below, as posted on the youtube link).

A transcript was also posted:

1st Question from Anthony: How does the competition in Japan compare to the United States?

Daigo/Shino: There are more competitors in the USA but more "number 1's" gather in Japan... (?).. and he hopes to see more people later on.. there are more fans that gather here and gives them the opportunity to do their best.

[iPlayWinner Notes: Seems he doesnt really know about the competition in the USA yet but likes the fact that there are so many fans and people looking to play it so it will help people get better.]

2nd Question:
Richard Li: Who is your biggest threat in Japan and who is your biggest threat in Japan?

Shiuno: In this game?

Richard Li: Yes Street Fighter 4.

Daigo: Dosent know the big players in USA so has no answer, but dosent know who his main threat is in Japan either.

Richard Li: What about Iyo?

Daigo: Haha sure.

Haunts Question: Whats the number one thing you can do to get better in Street Fighter?

Shino: Thats a difficult question!

Shino: Is there a grappling system?

Richard Li: Oh throwing!

Daigo/Shino: He doesnt like that system and the trick, but its very important so if you can nail that you will do well in this game.

Haunts: So throwing is the best thing you can learn, ok!

Anthony Question 4: Why did you come back to play Street Fighter 4?

Daigo/Shino: As you know he has stayed away from fighting games for a while, but he decided to come back because its the latest title from CAPCOM, fightin game from CAPCOM, the games CAPCOM is known for. He wanted to see how it worked for him and it works well for him so he continues to play it becuase he enjoys it!

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