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GAMEHOPPER @ Ozine FEST '09 - Final day....DAY 3!

Note: There are a lot of pics for this I decided to just put a link to the album if you want to see all of them.

Link to album: Ozine Fest '09 DAY 3

I will use some pics for the article below :)

Another spectacular day for Gamehopper as the third and final day for OZINE FEST '09 takes place at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2! Gamers from all walks of life gathered together to enjoy games such as SOULCALIBUR IV, STREET FIGHTER IV and SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii respectively.


On the Street Fighter IV front, at the start of the day both consoles had Street Fighter IV but due to popular demand for the Playstation 3 version, we focused the PS3 to SFIV and set the Xbox 360 to SC4. Many Pinoy gamers are really used to the Playstation controller and having Street Fighter IV on the PS3 was something that was asked from us at the booth, and we obliged accordingly. Of course, there were other gamers that just didn't bother with which console was actually running Street Fighter IV, they just wanted to enjoy the game! Playing it at the booth is a unique experience because unlike playing on Xbox Live or PSN, there is no lag during matches, and the atmosphere during fights is actually not too serious and very friendly. Some players who came back again and again really seemed to enjoy themselves, and maybe they even made some new friends along the way, which is just great! Others don't have a next-gen system yet, and they're finding their older SF skills still work on the latest version (and are seeing a lot of new tricks to use in the game, too).
This was my match with the guy with the huge 21 win streak, Tom. I was loser #20! He played Abel while I played Ryu.

Later in the day, some records were made in Street Fighter, there wasn't any tournament but a little mini-game emerged for SF4 where people wondered who could get the longest winning streak. At the end of the day, it was a guy named Tom who got a huge 21 win streak! [Note to readers: I hope I got the name right because to be honest I'm really horrible with remembering names....! Basically the guy with the t-shirt which said 'Malaki ang Titik O!' is the one with the 21 win streak.] The 20th match (which was against me, haha) was pretty exciting because I thought I could take down his Abel with my Ryu....but it was really hard to win against him. I did win one round hehe! Later on, a 'Legend Killer' came along to beat the champ during his 22nd match. [Note: What was his name? I forgot....sorry man! His pic is below.]

Win Quote: I Eat Legends For Breakfast. Mmm mmm!

The excitement during the match was just great, I wish I had a video camera to capture that very moment when the 'Legend Killer' finally kicked out the other player hehehe. But it's great that the atmosphere was really friendly during that match; both players and spectators focused on enjoying watching, playing and having a great time. Shoutouts to the 2nd placer with a 19 win streak, Eli [again, sorry if i got the name wrong. The guy with the black jacket and red shirt], and another player who was also with them named Jeff [the guy with the black shirt and red writing on it, and long hair]. Jeff's Ken is very good and fun to watch, I recall he also had a great winning streak but I can't remember how long it was! Again, to the Street Fighter guys, great games, and thanks for visiting the booth! Don't forget to try Gamehopper, rent SFIV, and play against me online hehehe (scytherage on Xbox Live or PSN....send me a friend request!).

If you see the following at any Street Fighter arcade unit, be very afraid:
Tom, the guy with 21 wins, the highest score for the event!
That other guy with the red inside shirt, Eli, was the guy with the top score until Tom beat him. He had 19 wins (I think)
Their prize for the day, hehehe!

Ryu is actually in the picture above. Can you spot him? For reference: Photobucket

Soulcalibur IV was actually still quite popular particularly towards the end of the day, when most of the gamers interested in it came in. The battles in SCIV seemed to be quite heated, with members from Pinoy Calibur showing up to provide some intense competition! A lot of players enjoyed watching the matches for SCIV and seeing the amazing display of technical prowess at playing the game.
SCIV is serious business.
The PinoyCalibur crew poses with the GH Girls!

The Nintendo Wii didn't fail to amuse either, with many players also showing up to enjoy Super Smash Brothers Brawl. At the Gamehopper booth we allowed for three players to play Brawl, and this made for some fun matches between players. We noticed a lot more of the younger audience would enjoy this game, and it really shows how gaming appeals to a wide variety of players of all age groups and interests.


Overall, the booth for Gamehopper was very successful in showcasing the games for both gamers and non-gamers alike. It was also a great avenue to reach out to gamers regarding the Gamehopper service, where you can rent all the games you want for only PHP 599 a month. Imagine being able to try a game, complete it in three or less days, and then try another one for only a single fee per the rate Pinoys play games, this service is really convenient and helps ease the burden on the wallet when it comes to pursuing the gaming hobby. Players who want to own the games can also use the gamehopper store, , to buy games as well.

Thanks to everyone who went to our Gamehopper booth! Until we meet again ^_^

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