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Hungry Developers Make Better Games

I sit here wondering to myself, how is it possible that Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is a far superior game to Street Fighter X Tekken? Here we have two games, both in the same genre, with the same basic selling point for both of them (multiplayer competitive fighting) game has a much bigger budget and development crew than the had a much larger marketing campaign and loftier promises...That was SFxT. I was one of the millions of gamers the world over waiting for the greatest fighting game experience since SF4 revitalized the fighting game scene. So when all the controversies for the game occurred, I'm one of those that were affected. When I bought SFxT it was practically an investment. You buy a fighting game knowing it will give you hours and hours of gameplay. You know it shouldn't end in just a week or a day. Multiplayer gaming guarantees the endless availability of competition, that the constant desire to improve at the game will drive you to keep on…

Return of the True 3D Fighting King: Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown on Consoles!

Quick review:

- Netcode is excellent, only had very few laggy games.
- Online matches are very fast; it's only a few days but I've had over 60+ matches already!
- The game feels easier for some reason (or maybe it's because of all my previous practice from years before)
- Just 15$ on PSN, FREE on Playstation Plus!
- For the price the game has a ton of don't need to know every move to enjoy this game, just play it even with only a few moves and it can be quite enjoyable.
- So far the game is new so there's a wide variety of players; not everyone online is a 'super-pro' just yet, but that will most likely change over time (when people start moving on to other games...) so that only means one thing: the best time to play this (where you'll have the most fun playing it) is NOW!
- Playing on WORLDWIDE settings so I don't really think about the region of my opponents; but it never seems to be a factor at all...gameplay is just really smooth…