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M.Bison - All About The PSYCHO PUNISHER!

- Launch it from FULL SCREEN by pressing up + forward after he jumps
- Launch it at clutch time; usually its safe
- Depending on your distance from your opponent, adding up + forward can make it cross up!

Quick Gaming Thoughts Round-up

Even more on Super Street Fighter 4:
- Okay, Ken didn't get completely screwed after all. His Shoryuken is much better than before, and nothing beats the poking range of his jumping roundhouse kick (for guys without uppercuts/anti-airs).
- M.Bison is my new favorite character, and I've picked him as my main now. I love all the options he has and how there's more variety to playing him than the usual shotos.
- Ryu and Sagat seem to feel like the same characters but with far less damaging attacks. Then again, the whole cast's damage was decreased, so matches last very long now.
- Online is probably 75% good, 25% bad. The 25% being that you will still get those matches that lag horribly, regardless of region select. But yeah, the netcode is still better than vanilla SF4.
- What happened to all that storyline stuff they set up in vanilla SF4? It's as if they never happened. Too bad Capcom doesn't want to take too many risks with the storylines for their main characters…