Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Capcom: Street Fighter IV Ships Over 2 Million Worldwide

Congratulations to Capcom - they deserve it!

*And note, I think when they say SHIPPED they already made money off the 2 million; whether the game(s) were sold in stores is irrelevant to Capcom anymore. The fact that stores even bothered to order that many games from them means that the game is in high demand; people love this game.


Capcom's "Street Fighter IV" Breaks the Two Million Mark!

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is proud to announce that it has shipped two million copies of "Street Fighter IV", the newest title in the company’s popular series, "Street Fighter".

The all new "Street Fighter IV" has the unmistakable feel of a 2D fighting game and is jam-packed with beloved characters from previous iterations. Beautiful graphics only possible with the newest game consoles, combined with various new additions to the combat system have created a title that can be enjoyed by both fighting game and "Street Fighter" fans alike.

As a bonus, the multi-platform console versions (Xbox 360™ and PLAYSTATION®3) boast an array of additional characters. The original “Street Fighter” was released in 1987, and was then followed up in 1991 by the legendary hit "Street Fighter II".

The series revolutionized combat systems in games, and established the fighting game genre. Since then, "Street Fighter" has been a global hit, selling over 500,000
arcade machines and 27 million console games.

Beginning last year, Capcom has continued to move ahead with its "Street Fighter" 20th anniversary project through successive releases of new arcade machines, console games, and various events such as the “Street Fighter IV National Tournament”. In addition, under its “Single Content Multiple Usage" strategy, Capcom will release the Hollywood movie "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" on February 28th, 2009. The movie was developed in order to help rebuild the “Street Fighter” brand by drawing in new fans and reinvigorating fans of old. In fruition of its policies, Capcom has achieved the feat of breaking the two million copy mark despite the economic crisis with this first iteration of the “Street Fighter” series in 11 years.

At Capcom, not only do we strive to make entertaining and profitable games, but we are always endeavoring to lucratively develop our popular franchises in other media in ways that will please the fans.

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