Thursday, February 19, 2009

Star Ocean 4 New Japanese Footage!

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope has just been released today in Japan for the XBOX 360. Given the beauty of this game, its not surprising to see that several Japanese gamers have put up videos of their gameplay. Check out the YouTube videos below...unfortunately YouTube seems to have disabled the HD version of these videos due to the size. If you have an account in Nico Douga, go see the original videos! One thing I have to say is that this is perhaps the most colorful looking XBOX 360 game there is right now! Everything you see in those videos are all in realtime! Having played Infinite Undiscovery, the graphics for SO4 is a pretty nice leap from IU.


That image above is from one of the YouTube videos. Unfortunately due to the YouTube constraints the video might play back at a lower resolution. To get the best version go to the source in Nico Douga.

I’ve read a couple of reviews for the game, most notably Game Informer, and the one of their chief complaints have something to do with a cliché storyline and characters. Really now? Seriously, if I wanted earth-shattering plot I won’t be playing videogames. Regardless, none of the reviews will deter me from getting this game this coming Feb or March (Asian English Version release)! Stay tuned for our in-depth coverage of Star Ocean 4 when we actually get it!

For now...back to Street Fighter!

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