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Street Fighter IV: News on 'Championship Edition', T.Hawk, Deejay and More!

Everyone's back for Street Fighter IV. Well, almost everyone. Notably missing from the cast are two Super Street Fighter II additions, Dee Jay and T.Hawk. Is there any chance of seeing these two in a future SFIV iteration?

An interview with producer Yoshinori Ono from a recent Famitsu that was posted in full today at, seems to suggest a big yes.

The magazine asked Ono about the possibility of the two missing fighters following their Super compatriots Cammy and Fei Long and being updated to full 3D form. Ono's response, surprisingly, was that they already have undergone the conversion! The characters have already been developed into to pre-texturing 3D models. For T.Hawk, the developers even went so far as to come up with plans for how the character would fight in SFIV.

Ono didn't say why the two didn't make the final but all is not lost. Said Ono: "If there's demand from users, we're ready to revive them at any point."

Outside of this, there isn't much in the way of revealing info in the interview. Ono did share a few bits, though, which I've summarized below:

Famitsu asked Ono to describe how they determined which characters would make it into the home versions of SFIV. The selection process, he explained, was via a vote conducted in America. The voting was done with light users and core users kept separate. Characters like Cammy and Fei Long were in the top ranks of the light users. Rose and Gen were tops with the core users.

The interviewer mentioned here that he'd wanted to see Rolento from SF Alpha in the game. Some voters did select Rolento, Ono admitted, but he was excluded because he's a Final Fight character. Ono explained that if they put him in the game would become completely like Alpha.

Ono was surprised by the popularity of particular character in the voting: Dan. Most of his votes came from the light users.

Famitsu pressed Ono a bit for tournament info. Ono revealed that, following up on the January 18 debut tournament in Shinagawa, Capcom has more tournaments on the way. The game will be at Enterbrain's "Tougeki" summer tournament, followed by an official tournament in winter 2009.

Ono also hopes to have national online tournaments. Famitsu asked if the online support would allow for worldwide tournaments. Ono replied that this is possible, but they'd want the finals to take place offline in an event hall.

Finally, some talk about things to come for SFIV, outside of the possibilities of Dee Jay and T.Hawk. Capcom has already announced the SFIV Championship Mode update. This will be available some time in the summer, Ono said.

He added that those who stick with SFIV for a long time could see some "nice announcements." Famitsu asked if this means that players can look forward to an SFIV Dash ("Dash" is the Japanese name for Championship Edition). Ono responded: "I'd truly like to personally do this! Of course, demand from users is required. So please show your support!"

Official Media Create numbers for last week aren't out just yet, but it seems that the PS3 version of SFIV placed second, losing out to only Mario & Luigi RPG 3. That sounds like a good sign of support, so hopefully more SFIV will be on the way through characters, modes, and even a Championship edition.

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