Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Street Fighter IV - Still Going Strong With Gamers

Saw this today at

On Neogaf, at the time of this writing, the Street Fighter IV thread has over 20,528 posts and 810,459 page views.

You would think gamers would have moved on to Killzone 2 or other games...but wow. People are still playing Street Fighter IV. That's great news for the fighting game genre. If Capcom could get this game out to more arcades, while the iron is still hot, they could spark a fighting game revolution worldwide (arcades are still important for attracting people who don't have consoles or for gamers who just play casually).

I will say one more thing. The organizers for the World Cyber Games in Korea made a huge mistake by not picking this game over Virtua Fighter 5. As much as I love VF, Street Fighter is the game that attracts HUGE crowds. It's known to the mainstream, and it created the fighting game genre altogether. It's easier to learn than VF, and at high level of play, can be very challenging and technical as well (arguably just as technical as VF). Perhaps there's still time for the WCG in Korea to change their minds and add SF4 to their lineup this year (supposedly they're announcing five other titles later on this month)....but if they don't pick this game, expect the same four or five guys to show up for their Virtua Fighter qualifiers at each participating country, worldwide. The game's lack of popularity with gamers is Sega's fault, really, because they completely undermarketed their fighting game, and they refuse to update it to the latest version available in arcades in Japan.

And, Itazan will win again! hahaha (he deserves to, though).

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