Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Street Fighter IV World Tournament

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I don't post in this particular section of SRK forums much, but I've been playing SF4 pretty regularly in Korea and last Saturday was the final top 16 tournament of the Korean national SF4 tournament series that went on for 4 weeks.

Ono Yoshinori was there in person and when all the top 4 players were decided, Ono had a small event match with 2 of the audience members then he made a very surprising announcement for the first time anywhere in the world. The announcement was that there will be a World SF4 tournament held in San Francisco on the same date as the US national SF4 finals (April 18th), and the winner of the Korean tournament would be invited to play for the world title along with the Japanese national tournament winner (Iyo as we all know) and the US tournament winner. He's also mentioned European champion a lot, so I'm guessing a European representative will be there as well.

There are also links to videos of tournament matches there in the Shoryuken thread.

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