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Plot Twists in Gears of War 2 That I'm Glad Didn't Happen

Throughout the course of Gears of War 2 I was expecting the storyline to have a couple of [predictable] twists and turns. These are a couple of the things I was thinking as I was playing which, thankfully, never happened when I finished the game. Why 'thankfully'? Because in a way, these twists I expected were cliche, they're the type of things that are either supposed to shock you or "take the story in a whole new direction" [which usually results in disaster, anyway. Think HEROES Season 3.].



[Why? Because you might read these, thinking these will happen in the story, but seriously, they don't. The only reason I'm spoilerizing these is because you might have these same expectations, and if you read these, you'd already know they won't happen. Now that would make the Gears 2's campaign mode a lot less surprising, now, would it?]

[Highlight to read below!] :

1. Chairman Prescott, the guy who gives the rousing, inspiring speech to the COGs at the beginning of the game, turns out to be the main villain in the storyline, engineering the Locust horde in a typical government conspiracy plot to create a war economy out of weapons and ammunition sales.

2. It turns out that the COG fabricated the Locust horde in order to stop the wars between the governments on the surface. If you recall the story of Gears of War 1, the humans of Sera were in constant conflict before the invasion of the Locusts. So they could have made the story in such a way that another faction (either COG or some other faction) creates the Locusts in order to unite humanity on Sera (in other words, make humans stop waging war on humans). It's similar to the idea that, if the Planet Earth were invaded by aliens, all of humanity would find a reason to put aside their differences and unite against a common enemy.

Technically, I think this 'plot twist' is still possible in Gears of War 3, but it's just a very, very remote possibility.

3. Dom's wife, Maria, disappeared because she was chosen by the Locusts to be their 'Locust Queen', Starcraft-style (Remember Kerrigan?). Dom becomes conflicted in continuing the fight against the Locusts, and then the story ends. Thank God this wasn't the plot of the game!

4. After Maria dies, Dom goes on a rampage and eventually gets killed off in the process [and then we get an extended death sequence dialogue between Marcus and Dom, Metal Gear Solid 4 style.]

5. Dom, Baird or Cole gets killed off doing some heroic deed [It would have been a waste of characters to kill them off; so luckily none of them died. Too bad for Tai, though. The guy had potential....Is Dizzy Wailin still alive by the end of Gears 2? I'm not quite sure....]

6. The Locusts were created as genetic supersoldiers by the COG to fight in the pendulum wars. Something went wrong while they were being created, and thus, humanity's new enemy is born. Yup, this is as typical as it could probably get. But there's one scene in the 'New Hope' facility level, which makes this plot angle seem doubtful.

7. The Locusts are 'undead' soldiers (reanimated corpses) from the Pendulum Wars who were experimented on by the humans. I was actually thinking this during the part of the game where you fight in the cemetery, right before you go down to the hollows.

8. The Locusts are aliens from another planet who buried themselves in the ground a thousand years ago; they awaken at some point because the Pendulum Wars 'woke them up....' LOL


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