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Guitar Hero World Tour Impressions!

Scytherage: Just got the Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit.

1. Graphics - better, more colorful, more detailed and more creative than Rock Band 2 (whose graphics were really just recycled from Rock Band 1....)

2. Drum Kit - 5x better than Rock Band 1's (because of the 'quieter' drum pads and the wireless functionality)

Cymbals add a whole new dynamic to the game (makes it feel like an upgrade from Rock Band 1's drum kit).

The pedal slides away if you don't position it right. If it had a heavier base or something to keep it from moving, the drum kit would have been 6x more awesome than Rock Band 1's drum kit :D
3. Guitar - Bigger than the GH3 guitar, feels more solid; huge strumbar hahaha! But great quality as usual, and as expected from Activision/Red Octane. Touch pad---I haven't used it in a song yet, just about to learn the new mechanics.

4. Best played with the METALLICA DEATH MAGNETIC TRACK PACK (DLC). Played the song 'All Nightmare Long' on drums, medium difficulty OMG AWESOMENESS GALORE!

NOTE: If you downloaded the Metallica Death Magnetic Track Pack for GH3, I can confirm that it does work with Guitar Hero World Tour! It works with both games :D

5. Song list - pretty decent, since we just bought it we haven't unlocked everything. There must be an 'unlock all songs' option somewhere hehehe....

Overall it doesn't feel like an expansion pack for Guitar Hero III, which is a good thing.


We have RB1, RB2 and now GH4 so here are some of my impressions:

1. The Guitar

No doubt the GH guitar is better than the RB guitar thanks to that clicking sound in the strum bar. I absolutely hate the RB strum bar since it felt so stiff and I can't time the beat of the music as much as I do with GH.

The one thing strange I noticed with GHWT is that the timing is extremely different from GH3. At first I thought my GHWT guitar was broken because I was missing the hammer-ons and pull-offs for 'The Unforgiven III' (Metallica: Death Magnetic) on hard. I also tried Rafael's working GH3 guitar and I had the same results with GHWT. Then I put in GH3 and played the same song on both guitars and I got my beat back. The timing in GHWT is definitely more strict than GH3...almost similar to RB but a little bit more forgiving than RB.

Another thing with the guitar is that the motion sensitive bar mechanic will definitely take some time to get used to. Sliding my fingers from the buttons to the motion sensitive area will take some practice. Sometimes my fingers get caught on the buttons making it harder to slide. Luckily this part of the note chart doesn't seem happen that often.

The verdict:
GHWT Guitar > RB1 Guitar

2. The Drums

While I don't play drums as much as the guitar, the sound of the GHWT drums is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the RB1 drums. With RB1, hitting the drums is so loud and annoying that you have to turn up the volume of your game so you can still hear what you are playing. There is also recoil in the GHWT drums that the RB1 drums doesn't seem to have.

Pedal is ok...seems like it will hold compared to RB1 but the problem here is, it easily slips. You'll need to put something to stop the pedal from slipping when you're using it. The pedal is also quite sensitive and you don't need to step on it too hard for it to register.

I haven't gotten around to check if the cymbals are ok...but if there are fixes on the net it shouldn't be a problem. We modded our RB guitars because of sensitivity issues.

If you're coming from RB you might be confused with the cymbals. It certainly did confuse me at the start.

The verdict:
GHWT Drums > RB1 Drums

3. The Mike

Not much to say about this.

The verdict:
GHWT Mike == RB1 Mike

Instrument wise, the build quality of the instruments for GHWT seems better compared to RB1. I have no idea how the RB2 drums or guitars are like but I love the feeling of the GHWT instruments. No question about it, graphics in GHWT is much better than RB1 & RB2.

Anyway, I'll post more impressions on the notecharts when I actually get to spend more time with the game. Rafael should be getting his copy soon din, so I'll ask him what he thinks about the game.

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