Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Survey for WCG 2009 is now up

On the official site for the World Cyber Games, a survey to choose next year's lineup of games is already available. Based on this survey, WCG will choose which games will be part of WCG next year.

It's viewable the first time you visit the site:

In case you can't find it, it's here, too:


Just some interesting observations:

- ROCKBAND 2 and GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR are part of the possible choices

- STREET FIGHTER 4 is in the list along with Soulcalibur IV. I'm surprised because no release date has been given for SFIV but it's already listed.

- GEARS OF WAR 2 is in the list of choices (of course, Halo 3 is also listed again)

- A surprise to me: FORZA MOTORSPORT 3 is one of the choices for racing games. That's odd, because there's really NO INFORMATION on that game yet, unless Microsoft (being a big sponsor for WCG) already told the organizers that they're releasing in a short span of time....


On that note, my brother-in-law Rafael Formoso is there in Cologne, Germany right now, preparing for the Grand Finals which will begin on Thursday. He was the Philippine Champion for Guitar Hero III, and one of his prizes was the opportunity to participate in the WCG 2008 Grand Finals. I hope he does well :)

We don't really know what games will be chosen for the local (Philippines) Xbox competitions for WCG next year. Most likely they'll again pick one or two games (and there's always the possibility that they'll axe it completely if they're getting more sponsors just for the PC games [considering MS Phils does not support the Xbox 360 locally]). We'll just have to hope for the best....

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