Sunday, July 19, 2009

Playstation 3 Slim Spotted in the Philippines?

According to this post from Kotaku (and this video from Youtube), the PS3 slim was spotted in the Philippines.[update]

The video:

What do I think?

I don't know if it's fake. I do find it sad that Kotaku takes every opportunity to portray our country as piracy heaven. I'd like to say that there are gamers here in the Philippines who do buy original products and original console games. The piracy issue is a real problem here, but there are gamers (like myself) who think that, if the hardware makers sold their products officially here, then maybe piracy could be discouraged. This is because having official presence here in the country would give gamers incentives to support buying original games and hardware. For example, if Xbox Live had a region for the Philippines, then people would have an incentive to actually support the original product(s) instead of buy the pirated versions of games. This is because they'd want to get access to all of Xbox Live features, like the multiplayer options and the ability to buy Xbox Live Arcade games.

Anyway, that's the only thing that concerned me in the post from Kotaku. Not that that's going to change the way they see our country, though. I've always hoped for official support for game consoles here because it would mean not just more inexpensive games and hardware and better support, but also more opportunities for Filipinos to excel in different fields. Anyway, once again, wishful thinking....I find it sad that our country is seen as the "sick man of Asia". Here's hoping the Philippines can change one day.


Oh, and as for that PS3 Slim? Here's hoping for a video of the thing actually booting up and playing a PS3 game. Then I'll believe it....

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