Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blazblue: More Notes on Jin Kisaragi

I already posted this on Pinoyxbox, but might as well save it here for future reference...

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(Given the following directional input markers)

And A - weak attack, B - medium attack, C - strong attack, D - drive attack

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Currently enjoying finding new tricks in the game (with Jin, at least) through Training mode....yesterday I learned that:

- Jin's 623 (dragon punch) + C has a significant amount of invincible frames; it might not have good range horizontally, but it's good for countering attacks that you know are coming towards you.

- You can do a longer air combo by using the super jump cancel....originally I only used the regular jump cancel but then later on I tried using down+up instead of just up, and it causes Jin to jump higher after cancelling a normal move, so the air combo I'm getting is the same as the one in the tutorial video on the special edition: B, C, super jump cancel, B, C, D. The tutorial video on the special edition omitted this particular detail; I didn't know it had to be a super jump cancel to get an extra hit.

The full attack string is (after freezing someone through various means):

1. dash forward or dash cancel after 5D,
2. hold forward + C , or 6C (uppercut-like move, tosses opponent in air),
3. dash cancel out of 6C
4. standing C (or 5C)
5. Super Jump Cancel (press diagonal back down, then diagonal forward up)

[you're now in midair]
6. B
7. C
8. Double-jump
9. B
10. C
11. D
12. (only if enemy is frozen again after step 11) 214C

Note: if the super jump cancel is hard to do....you're probably pushing B too early. When you see the animation for 5C, you press down then up at the moment that the 'hit' frame for it is visible on screen. This will cause the slash animation to get cancelled, and you'll be in the air. The reason why you have to delay pressing 'B' is because if you press B too quickly, you might get the flying ice projectile attack or the forward kick (6B) instead of the super jump.

So after inputting the motion for super jump, wait a small moment before pressing B for the right effect.

Note 2: You can replace step 9's 'B' attack with a throw.

* * * * *

On another note, I had 11 straight wins in Player Match this morning.... :D

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