Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lost Odyssey Impressions: 20 hours into the game (Disk 2)

Anyway, just to add to impressions that we have provided. Concerning the difficulty of the game...

* The game is NOT impossible. Let me repeat that NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Some people think that in order to progress to the next level you need to grind your characters for hours on end. It's not true. In fact, the characters seem to level up and gain skills rather quickly IMHO. The trick to winning the game is playing your battles strategically.

There are a lot of skills to choose from for your immortals. Too much that you might get dizzy. But to use them properly, you have to prioritize on which skills you want for your immortal. Set classes for them if you want. If you want your guy to be dealing strong physical blows, then don't bother with too much magic skills. If you want a completely black magic kind of character, then don't bother with physical skills. You can have a max of 5 characters in your party. In that party, make you sure you have enough of each type of character. (i.e. physical attack guy, healer, black magic guy, etc).

When you attack don't bother going for the back row of the enemy right away since by default the game has wall protection given by the strength of the enemies in front. Kill off a good number of the enemies in front before you start attacking the back row.

Make sure that you are aware of the casting time of magic. The more powerful the magic or the greater the scope of the magical area, the longer it takes to cast. If you are anticipating a long fight then cast a couple of buffs on your characters to make them live through it.

That said, I'm liking the challenge posted by this game. Both Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata are a walk in the park compared to Lost Odyssey.

And once again, its not difficult. Just use your head every so often and strategize rather than just pressing one button all the time.

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