Saturday, February 02, 2008

Life Beyond Games: Photoworld Asia 2008

After several futile attempts to pull Yahoosoda away from Lost Odyssey (Disc 2), we eventually went out to Ayala Center, Glorietta in Makati City to attend the PHOTOWORLD ASIA 2008 convention. We also took some photographs with our Olympus E510....thank goodness for Digital. Because of today's technology, you can just shoot pictures at will; since buying film is no longer a factor, it's much easier to just take as many pictures as you want. I know digital cameras are so ubiquitous now; despite that, I still find them amazing in some way, because I did live through the time when buying film and having pictures developed was a necessity (and a hindrance) for getting into photography. And with today's ultra high megapixel cameras, the sky's the limit on the kind of creative shots you can do!

It also makes for a great break from gaming, and makes you appreciate the beauty of the world that we live in.

That said, it was nice to be able to chat with some members of Olyclub Philippines (a group of Olympus camera enthusiasts). Essentially we told them that we're absolute noobs in Photography. Sean from Olympus gave us some tips, and I even got to try this massive 300mm lens to take some ultra-zoomed shots! Man, I didn't realize that those things were so gigantic....and they're really, REALLY heavy! I could barely hold the lens steady but I did manage to take one good long range shot (not posted here because it's totally not worth's a shot of the Megamelt Bakery Stand sign on the second floor of Glorietta.)

I also found out from Sean that those lenses cost over 200,000 pesos....when he told me that, I suddenly felt like removing the heavy lens for fear of accidentally breaking it. Wow, photography is one expensive hobby.

Throughout that afternoon we took a lot of pictures of interesting people or things that you'd normally not see everyday. There were anime cosplayers and professional models on hand to test one's digital photography skills. Here are some of the best pictures we took during that afternoon:

We also picked up a lens cleaner pen and an inexpensive UV filter. Next on our laundry list of 'need-to-buy' items are a decent flash and some more filters for taking shots under different conditions.


  1. Thanks :D We're still learning....Photography seems to be a fun extra hobby!