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Latest Game Industry Rumors

There is a blog on the Internet which has various rumors on the gaming industry. From what I've read, this blog can be quite accurate at times, so it's worthwhile to visit the blog every so often. The one running the blog is named 'Surfer Girl' and here's the URL to the site:

Again, these are rumors so you have to take them with a grain of salt. They're interesting nonetheless.

The latest rumors posted on Surfer Girl's site are really interesting:

1) Guitar Hero Aerosmith will rock this way in July. Unsurprisingly, Guitar Hero IV: [insert superfluous rock subtitle here] is out in Rocktober. As previously reported by the internet, Guitar Hero On Tour is out in June. There is a fourth title (as previously reported by EGM) that is "an action-packed Guitar Hero experience like no other" or, in English, it is different from the other Guitar Heroes. Also, those universally loved boss battles are returning.

2) Facebreaker will KOing in Soctober/Blovember. These months are followed by Deckcember and Jabuary.

3) Sony's will be launching a greatest hits line for PS3 soon with Resistance, Warhawk, and Motorstorm to start.

4) A cast member from a long-running Fox soap is/was dating someone from a Los Angeles game studio.

5) What is your favorite film of all-time?
Raising Arizona

6) Microsoft thinks that a sequel is worth paying for the exclusivity of despite knowing nothing about it (aside from the title) and team behind the original is not really doing the sequel.

7) Prior to THQ shutting down their acquired automotive franchises, Stuntman: Demolition and a Juiced game were in the works for the Wii, via Locomotive Games and Juiced Games, respectively. Both were the best incarnations in their respective franchises, but the series were not too great so that claim does not carry much weight.

SuperVillian's PSP fl0w is simply astounding (like thatgamecompany's version), hopefully the game will actually come out this month (it is about two months late already). The first must-have downloadable title for PSP, unless it gets pushed back again.

9) At least one 360 SKU with built-in WiFi will be out later this year.

Also, Over Her Dead Body is absolutely terrible. Just go watch the extremely underrated Just Like Heaven again (it still holds up after eleven viewings). "

What makes it even more interesting are the rumors written in the Comments section. It's a bit hard to follow the comments section since you're not quite sure what question Surfer Girl is answering when you read it, so I've summarized her answers below:

1. Eternal Sonata for the PS3 has no release date.
2. New SOCOM game coming this fall, and a new IP too (PS3)
3. 2 Zelda games coming for the Wii
4. Three to five developers working on games for the Wii Zapper.
5. Mass Effect downloadable content coming in a few months.
6. "Microsoft thinks that a sequel is worth paying for despite knowing nothing about it (aside from the title) and team behind the original is not really doing the sequel."---Definitely refers to BIOSHOCK 2.
7. NO New Ace Combat game is being made for the PS3; and Ace Combat 6 is NOT being ported to the PS3.
8. A version of Crysis (different from the PC version) is hitting both PS3 and Xbox 360.
9. Games that will be shown at GDC:

a. Motorstorm 2
b. Alan Wake
c. SOCOM (Possibly)
d. Wipeout HD (Possibly)
e. Too Human
f. Infamous
g. Little Big Planet
h. MGS4 (Possibly)
i. Killzone 2
j. Gears of War 2

10. No information right now on downloadable content/expansions for Super Smash Bros Brawl
11. Haze is never coming to the Xbox 360.
12. Fatal Frame 4 is coming for Xbox 360 and PS3.
13. Bioshock is never coming to the Playstation 3.
14. Sequel to Test Drive Unlimited coming late this year or early next year.

There could be more responses later on....that said, whenever Surfer Girl makes a post, I highly recommend reading the comments section!

Oh, by the way....there is another blog on the Internet that also has rumors on the gaming industry. It's been said on NEOGAF that Surfer Girl thinks this other blog's rumors are also highly accurate. Here's the link:

Right now I'm still reading the blog; I'll probably post anything I find here on this blog, too (specifically, the hard-to-read comments section which will likely have some good information)

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