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Lost Odyssey Merchandise

Nope, Lost Odyssey doesn't have a wide array of merchandise such as key chains, lighters, necklaces and water bottles disguised as healing potions. But for those interested, there are a few of them available in Japan. The first one is a book containing the short stories of “A Thousand Years of Dream” written by Kiyoshi Shigematsu. Lost Odyssey's Executive Producer and the Father of Final Fantasy comments about this in several interviews:

"So, Kiyoshi Shigematsu is a very famous writer in Japan, and writes short stories that have special human touch elements in them. And those are the things we haven't seen in games, and those elements haven't really fit into games, but I wanted to put that kind of element into the storyline."

"The reason I've used Kiyoshi Shigematsu as part of this project because we don't see enough emotion in videogames yet. Whether to do with family, or some other emotional elements - something that bring tears to your eyes. The main element in these games is often fighting or whatever, but I want these emotional elements. I think the main character, who has been living for a thousand years and can't die - he has a thousand years of memories, and that creates a lot of emotional moments."

"In essence, it's not all about strategy but about powering up, as you move through the game the character grows."

In addition to the compilation, the 2 Disk Soundtrack of Lost Odyssey is available. The musical score and composition was done by Nobuo Uematsu, of Final Fantasy fame. The full version of the songs in the game, such as "What You Are" as performed by Sheena Easton, is also included in the CD.

Last but not the least are the strategy guides for the game. While I didn't use the guide books, if you want to get all the items and complete the achievements for Lost Odyssey, a strategy guide will be very helpful. It's also nice to look at the artwork done by Takehiko Inoue. The first three guidebooks are all in Japanese. The English Guidebook is a Prima Official Guidebook.

So that's it for now. As the US release approahces, we will be posting more information and tips for the gamers in our blog. I'm also about to finish the game very soon, so by then I can give my full impression regarding the game. Please note that I do not like giving review scores since I don't think numbers are an accurate way to represent my thoughts regarding any game.

UPDATE: Dr Flibble from wrote in our Lost Odyssey Impressions thread regarding these merchandise:

" I noticed there are pictures of the 3 Japanese guidebooks on the site. The first one pictured doesn't actually cover the whole game, only the first 2 discs I believe. The 2nd and 3rd pictured guides cover everything, but the 2nd one has been getting some bad customer reviews for being incomplete and difficult to navigate. The 3rd one only just came out and I don't have it yet so I can't comment on it."

Thanks for the info! I reposted it here as well for others who may be interested in finding more information about the guidebooks.

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