Tuesday, February 05, 2008

TEKKEN 6 found in Trinoma Mall

Today we visited Trinoma Mall and found a TEKKEN 6 Arcade Machine in Timezone Arena. Trinoma Mall has 2 Timezone arcades, one bigger arcade near the cinemas, and another one that's in the outside area that looks like a park (this arcade is near the Fish and Co. Restaurant).

I was not able to play Tekken 6 because I didn't have a Timezone card with me this afternoon. So I just watched other players try it out. My impressions? Graphically, the game is pretty impressive. It goes at a smooth clip at 60 FPS and the game has a lot of detail in the environments. There are a lot more effects going on compared to Virtua Fighter 5 (where in Tekken 6 each punch and kick yields an electric or fire effect that makes it more flashy). The fighting model seems alright; I didn't see anyone execute one of those 'death combos' that have been talked about over on sdtekken.com. I read elsewhere that Tekken 6 runs on PS3 hardware in the arcade, so supposedly this is how the PS3 version is going to look like.

The character models are alright but for some reason I'm liking the "weightiness" of the characters in Virtua Fighter 5 a lot more. Personal preference, I guess. I'm sure this game will be popular here and elsewhere in the world, because SEGA did a horrible job in getting Virtua Fighter 5 to other arcades outside of Japan. I think I remember reading on Virtuafighter.com that a VF5 machine is hard to come by even in arcades in the USA, and that's one of the reasons why the VF5 games for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 didn't sell as well as they should have.

That said, if you're in the Trinoma area, Tekken 6 is worth checking out. While you're at it....why not try one of those death combos? Hehehe.....

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