Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lost Odyssey, First Major Boss of Disc 4

It's 1:03AM and my wife's still at it. She says this is the longest battle she has ever played in this game, and it isn't even the FINAL boss.

Also note that this boss isn't an optional enemy, it's part of the main quest.

She died twice already trying to beat this monster, but she doesn't want to quit. She's hell bent on killing that thing. She's been fighting this particular enemy since around 11PM tonight, though I think she started playing the game way earlier, around 8PM or so.

Her average level for her characters is 36-38 right now, at around 40+ hours of play (She is NOT rushing through the game).

See? Now Bogimoray isn't so bad. In fact, that guy is a puppy compared to this monster. When Hironobu Sakaguchi told 1UP in an interview that Lost Odyssey made some Japanese players cry, I'm now convinced that it's highly likely some of them were crying because they've never played a JRPG as tough as this one.

EDIT: Boss beaten by 1:15AM. Man, that was one long battle. Now if I can only convince her to go to sleep already....

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