Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tips for new Lost Odyssey players: How to beat Grilgan and Bogimoray

Seeing that many people are already getting the game, some might be having trouble with the first and second real boss (the first machine you face doesn't really 'count' as a boss):

To the ones who have made it through, post your best tips for those two bosses here.

My first, major tip: Don't power-level or grind. You'll ruin the game for yourself and there's no strategy won't learn how to play the game.

Other tips:

1. Water kills Fire, Fire kills Wind, Wind kills Earth, Earth kills Water. I forgot the element of the griffin boss....use the appropriate magic against it.

2. For Grilgan, be aggressive with the HEALING. Play defensively and protect your characters as much as you can.

3. If you have a flare bomb, ground bomb or any other type of bomb, use it now. Don't worry, you'll find others in the game.

4. If you have an instant heal potion of some kind, use it. Again, don't worry, you'll get more later in the game.

5. For Bogimoray: Look for the YELLOW BAND and the KNIGHT'S CODE. Train your immortals with the skills in those items. Yellow band = protects you from Anti-paralysis. Knight's Code = heals your GC. The only bit of 'grinding' that you need is to teach Kaim and Seth these skills. It doesn't take that much time....don't focus on leveling up, focus on learning the skills.

6. For Bogimoray: WATCH your GC bar. It's on the upper right corner of the screen. Don't play this game like Final Fantasy or Eternal Sonata and mash the 'ATTACK' option all the time. That won't work for Lost Odyssey. Think. Use your head. Play defensively. Protect your characters. If your GC is down, start healing it with the skill of Knight's Code, called 'Stand Ready'. To use this, select the DEFEND option during your turn.

7. Remember, for Bogimoray, there are two of them. So use your items wisely so that you have enough for the second fight.

8. After Bogimoray, you'll fight a bunch of soldiers. They're easy, don't worry....again, if you watch your GC bar you should make it through.

I think these two boss fights are really just 'training levels' for the later battles, which do get even more challenging. If you understand the turn-based combat system, you shouldn't have problems in getting through these enemies.

See this screenshot? Check out my HP/MP. Note how I didn't grind at all. This boss is beatable even at this level. So don't power-level, and play the game as it's meant to be played.

Most of the enemies and bosses in the game are beatable at low level, in fact, my wife was able to beat the game at a level much lower than most other players. She beat the game at Level 48. So there's no doubt that this game is well balanced, you just have to play it strategically.

Video demonstration for beating Grilgan : Click here!

Video demonstration for Bogimoray coming soon!


  1. Great work with the LO info! Since you've played through the game, and really like it, I wanted to invite you to check out the Lost Odyssey wiki we recently created at Wikia

    If you decide to contribute your knowledge of the game, and are interested in 'adopting' the LO wiki, I can make you the lead admin.

    P.S. I found your blog because someone added your review of the game here.

    Cheers =)

  2. Hi!

    We've seen the Lost Odyssey Wikia entry and we're glad to help out with some stuff like the world map etc...We'll be posting even more things here and at the wikia site for Lost Odyssey a little later today.


  3. NOOOOOO I beat the 2nd boss and then the game froze...