Friday, February 15, 2008

Beating the Lost Odyssey 1st Boss - Grilgan

While my husband is still exploring the world of Lost Odyssey in Disk 4, he asked me if I could make a video of my fight with the first two bosses of the game: Grilgan and Bogimoray. The video shows that I didn't really grind/power-level in order to beat Grilgan. Practically all the items that I have are items I obtained from exploring the map. And last I checked, exploring the map for the first time doesn't exactly count as grinding. Note that my characters levels are the following: Kaim (13), Seth (13) and Jansen (12). The video also contains the skill and equipment that I have equipped.

Please note that our video capture card doesn't belong to the high end variety. The text may be unreadable.

I started the offense with Grilgan by throwing a Flare Bomb at his direction. The Flare Bomb was obtained while walking through the world and not through an NPC. Other than that I made sure that Jansen had 'Shield' cast on him. The 'Shield' spell should increase your defense against Grilgan's attacks are mostly physical but he also has a very strong magical wind attack.

Notice that he didn't exactly use his super attack on my party. Perhaps he was too busy trying to stop the offense since I made sure that I get to hit him with every turn. But if he did use the super attack, I put the item which gave Jansen the enhancement 'Crisis Attack Boost', which should help him once his HP goes below favorable levels. Both Kaim and Seth have learned 'Crisis Attack Boost' and that skill is present in their skill slot. Kaim and Seth also have White Magic Lvl 1, just in case I actually run out of potions.

Basically, the fight is very strong on defense but I made sure that I keep the offensive going. That's how most of the fights go in Lost Odyssey. And don't forget to use your items, they might just save your characters. In the fight with Grilgan the essential items are the Flare Bomb (you only get 1 but that's ok), Healing Potions and the Antidote.

While both Kaim and Seth are capable to cast the magic 'Heal', note that they are both very slow spell casters. By the time they would have finished casting 'Heal', Grilgan would have taken an offensive strike against the team. It's better for them to throw items around than cast it. And just in case there may be some 'people' from the game industry who will complain that there was no prior knowledge with regarding to the casting abilities of Kaim and Seth...well remember those super long and absolutely horrible (just horrible! *sarcasm*) loading screens? Well the character attributes are displayed there and shows the strength of each character. Of course, prior knowledge of the English Alphabet is necessary.


  1. I just beat the Grilgan last night, but it took me a few tries. When I was finally victorious I remembered that the Grilgan never chose to attach with this "Down Wind". In my defeats, the Grilgan's Down Wind was too much for me to cope (100-300 damage on all three characters.)

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts about why my the Grilgan didn't use the Down Wind on my victorious battle - was it something I did, or did I just get lucky?

  2. I watched your video since i was having so much trouble and i think seeing you beat him made it click in my mind. Grilgan wasn't down winding you because he wanted jansen to have spell interference. anytime jansen uses white magic grilgan doesnt bother to attack him and just downwinds.