Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Mark of a Great RPG.... that it leaves you irritable right after several hours of play. Not because you're getting tired of it, but because you can't seem to pull yourself away from it. I had this exact experience watching my wife play Lost Odyssey. I couldn't get her away from the game. I ended up buying lunch by myself today because she wanted to stay in and play and finish Disc 2. Which she did.

But did that stop her from playing? Nope. Did she want to save at that point and just play tomorrow? Could Lost Odyssey wait a day?

Apparently not.

Later on she tells me that the reason she couldn't get out of the game is because it keeps you so engaged. You want to know what happens next. The game drops these little bits and pieces of story and you just keep going because you want to know more.....minutes turn to hours, hours turn to days.

That's Lost Odyssey.

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