Friday, February 01, 2008


Note that these are based on our early impressions of Lost Odyssey. Yahoosoda is currently progressing through Disc 2 with about 19 hours of gameplay (check the 'Tankblitzer' gamertag for her progress, though. She isn't using her Yahoosoda account because....well, it's a long story). She has no plans of rushing through the game just to give an early opinion on it; she's playing it as any gamer would, slow and steady, and enjoying every minute of it. So you can't expect our comments to be based on a speed run of the game, which is what most online game review sites resort to these days.....

One could say that Final Fantasy (FF) and Lost Odyssey (LO) share a lot of similarities. Based on Yahoosoda's ongoing playthrough of Lost Odyssey, we're finding out that the turn-based combat system is the only thing that's really similar between Final Fantasy and Lost Odyssey.

Final Fantasy and Lost Odyssey differ in a lot of ways:

1. There are no summons in Lost Odyssey

2. There are no limit breaks in Lost Odyssey

3. The lead character Kaim is not an angst-ridden/angst-driven teenager. Kaim starts off like Squall from FF8 but develops very differently as you go along.

4. Compared to the most recent FF game that Wuffy has finished, FF10---Lost Odyssey doesn't focus ENTIRELY on Kaim and his love life. While he has a lot of screentime, the rest of the cast is very well developed. The problem with other Final Fantasy games is that they don't spend that much time with the other characters and they don't try to develop the other characters outside of the lead character(s).

5. The English voice acting in Lost Odyssey is better than any of the Final Fantasy games that came before it; perhaps it's the best voice-acting for any JRPG released thus far for these next-generation systems.

6. The themes that the game covers are far more mature than what is covered in the FF series. Concepts like death, loss etc....the approach feels more 'real' than Final Fantasy's stories, which are simply surreal.

7. Lastly, the difficulty level of the game is far higher than the more recent Final Fantasy games. It feels more like a 'classic' Final Fantasy game, like Final Fantasy 6. There's also a lot more puzzles in it, too.

8. Other little touches make it different from Final Fantasy. For example, you can see items that you equip on your character, and their effects. You can't change the character's armor, but you can change their accessories, and you see those on the character (sunglasses, earrings, etc).

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