Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things I highly recommend you must do if you're on Disc 4 of Lost Odyssey

1. Don't follow the "!" pointer on your World Map all the time. Try backtracking....explore older areas you've already been to. You'll surely find something useful or entertaining (rings, accessories or even dreams).

2. I highly recommend exploring Gongora's Mansion as early as you can. There's a nice story tidbit in there that you'd miss if you didn't visit otherwise (and the game won't tell you that that story bit is there....)

3. Also, visit Cooke and Mack's house with Sarah when you get the chance. There are some extra scenes in there, too. Granted, it won't get you a bonus item and some might find the scene really simple but it's a nice little touch that develops the characters more.

Disc 4 shines for giving you the chance to explore the game's world more....make the best of it. Of course you could go straight to the final battle at some point if you want a challenge.

That said, this is an expansive JRPG that I won't soon forget.

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