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Nice combat touches in Lost Odyssey.

Reducing Random Battles:

This is something both me and my husband observed while playing the game. While random battles are not annoyingly frequent in Lost Odyssey, you can actually reduce the random battles even more. The only thing you need to do is to hold down the button for walk while moving around with the left thumbstick. On our settings, the 'B' button is used for hold down the button to make the character move slowly. This will allow you to explore the map freely without having to worry about bumping into monsters every so often.
You can also increase the rate of random battles by running very fast. You do this by holding down the 'run' button while moving. In our case, running is executed by pressing and holding the 'X' button. This is useful if you want to gain enough SP to learn a skill.
Note that in Lost Odyssey, skills are more important than your overall character 'level'.

Changing Equipment and Formation DURING battle:

This one is very helpful. During battles, if you find out that your current equipment doesn't seem to cut it or you need some stuff to nullify some of the enemy's magic, you can always change your equipment during the battle itself by moving the analog stick / d-pad to the left while you're on the combat main menu screen. This will open up the option for 'Equipment Change', 'Formation Change' and Flee. The cool thing about Equipment Change is that you will not lose a turn when you do this. After changing your equipment, you can continue to execute your attacks all within one turn for that character.

Another thing to note are the Formation Changes. Unlike Equipment Change, Formation Change will take one whole turn to execute. This is particularly helpful when you are running low on GC. If you have a character in the back row, with relatively good HP and your GC is down, send him forward and send the guys with low HP and GC to the back.

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