Wednesday, February 13, 2008

North America Lost Odyssey box is different

This is certainly a sobering news for North American gamers who are anticipating Lost Odyssey. As reported in this site, it seems like North American box is different from the NSTC-J and PAL boxes. Apart from the 'late' release of the game in North America, this is certainly a little disappointing.

While it will not change the value of the game, I do hope that Microsoft standardizes the quality control between Singapore (where the Asian NTSC-J and PAL versions are printed) and Mexico. This is not the first time that this has happened to the North American gamers. The first was with the 'Limited Edition' of Halo 3 then the release of Blue Dragon.

UPDATE: It's been confirmed that the US box is indeed different from the Asian and PAL boxes. Credit for the confirmation goes to eBay Seller, bsc1968. Check out his auction for the Lost Odyssey North American version.

Please note that the pictures below are from the Asian version of the game. All Asian multi-disk game releases come with pretty good packaging.

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