Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lost Odyssey Downloadable Content in Xbox Live Japan Marketplace

Some info about the DLC for Lost Odyssey.

DLC#1: gives you the inventory item "Master's Secret Script" with the "Weapon Guard 2" skill and adds the story "Samii the Storyteller" as one of the dreams you can unlock in the game (to find this dream, look around in the pub in Uhra)

DLC#2: Costs 200 Microsoft Points. It comes with the 'Memory Lamp' (accessible in the Nautilus later in the game) which lets you watch previous cutscenes, another Thousand Years of Dreams short story (this one is located outside Uhra Castle, there are 2 soldiers standing near a hole that you have to talk to to activate it), and a ring accessory called the 'Killer Machine'.

Thanks to Dr Flibble from and this link for that information.

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