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Happy Valentines Day and Happy Gaming!

So this is it. By now most of the people who are geniunely interested in the game, despite the foul up with the box, should be playing it. For the last two weeks, we have blogged so much about Lost Odyssey. Back then, my husband and I felt that this game was going to be trashed in the reviews and we were right. The very first review we heard was from some Swedish gaming magazine who gave it a 5/10 since it would have been better if it was made by some other team (*whatever that means*), prompted us to blog like crazy.

I was personally hesitant to blog about Lost Odyssey, after Blue Dragon. I liked Blue Dragon but most of the XBOX gamers seemed to hate it. I was discouraged from even posting my thoughts on the game since I represent a very small minority of XBOX gamers. (Heck! We even live in an unsupported region, the Philippines!) But my husband, Scytherage, persisted in blogging all the stuff that I was telling him while I was playing. Alot of the effort that was put in this blog, was his. By the time I read the reviews for Lost Odyssey which seemed like a death knell for every JRPG gamer in the XBOX 360, my husband and I were even more determined to post our thoughts and provide the perspective of gamers who actually love the genre and isn't waiting for some paycheck from Microsoft to give it a good score.

Right now, I'm glad that it seems like most of the gamers who got the game actually like it. I'm happy that with this, Microsoft and other Japanese developers, may realize that there is also a market for JRPGs on the XBOX platform regardless of the dismal sales of the console in Japan. I'm glad that Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker is regaining some respect, specially from those who has branded them as a "has-beens" because their name isn no longer tagged with Squaresoft / Square Enix.

I'm sure we'll be posting a lot more for Lost Odyssey and other games that we are interested in. But for now, I'll leave you with this song from the Official Soundtrack of Lost Odyssey. The song is entitled, "Eclipse of Time". This song is never played in the game but for those who have played it will recognize this as one of the theme songs of the Lost Odyssey characters.

For gamers who bought Lost Odyssey, enjoy your new found journey! And Happy Valentines day! Don't forget to stop playing and show your loved ones how much you care about them.

Lost Odyssey Theme Song: "Eclipse of Time"

Some men move
Day and Night
Darkness and the Light

Comes and goes
Oh so fast
Nothing ever lasts

It seems I'm living a place
Forgotten all by time and space
So I'm left alone

You and I
Hand in Hand
We have just begun

Somehow I'm holding back
what I feel for you

I'm always living with my fears
The time is swiftly drawing near
I'll be left alone

Our moments pass on by
And people pass on by
And love keeps drifting away
It all keeps drifting away

One day I'll be there
Someday I'll be there
End of this long and lonely road

There is a place
Where tenderness calls
The solitude of friends

No one is with me
Nothing is with me
All that remains are memories

There is a place
Where coldness and warmth
Are Woven into one

Do I love?
Do I hate?
So I hesitate

When I know
What I feel
I may be too late

It seems like I'm living in a world
Where joy and sadness have no shape
They are both the same

The sky is passing by
The clouds are passing by
The rain keeps falling on me
It all keeps on falling away

One day I'll find it
Someday I'll find it
Within the vast and endless world

There is a place
Where tenderness calls
The solitude of friends

No one is with me
Nothing is with me
All that remains are memories

There is a place
where coldness and Warmth
Are woven into one

Our moments pass on by
Then people pass on by
And love keeps drifting away
It all keeps drifting away

One day I'll be there
Someday I'll be there
The end of this long and lonely road

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